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Personal diary

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    What do you put in diary if you write one, how often you write and where do you store it?

    I have been using a personal (private) google blogger for past 2 years where I am writing how I am growing and overcoming my weaknesses.
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    I have a diary, but don't write every day. I have a pen and paper notepad. Usually it is for random thoughts or insights that I want to jot down. It's quite interesting to look through once you have a good collection of days.
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    I am doing once a month/few months where I summarize everything. I love going back and reading how I dreamed of something and then finally did it after few (or sometimes many) months ..
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    I kept a journal for a while, in college. Gave it up after a while. My music, art, and relationships seemed to be a much better record of myself than a journal. I still run across notes in notebooks once in a while, as I'm sorting through stuff, but they are no longer as interesting as I once thought they were. ;-)
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    I keep a daily work journal. It originally started as required record keeping for a project but, I kept doing it after I left. Nothing more than a couple of notes each day to record what I did that day.

    The journal comes in very handy each year during performance appraisals. I review my notes from the previous year so that I can list all the things that I've done over the year.
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    I have different journal for work mainly a record of work related problems and their solutions ... and some handy tricks. I put political, cultural and global events (linking to the news source only without writing it myself) in it too as I read them in news. Personal diary is mainly for keeping track of my long term life goals. The notes become meaningless as soon I achieve the goal as turbo said I believe but it is priceless to see the progress I make.
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    When I was in high-end antique militaria sales and consulting, I used Act! as a professional journal. It guided me to good decisions, and helped keep me in touch with my clients. Nothing really personal about that journal, though. You have to be really disciplined and creative to make Act! work for you that way, but when you are in a highly-compensated position based on performance, you will find ways to make it work.
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    I keep a detailed reference diary on reading. I've been cataloging every book I read after starting the diary, write interesting passages, vocab I didn't understated, and write my comments about a book.
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    That might be interesting. There are books that I have really warmed to after re-reading, and it might have been interesting to have notes on what was and was not appreciated/comprehended only to compare them with a later reading.

    Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5 was one of those for me, though complex tomes like Dune seem to fall into place easily.
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    I corresponded with someone by e-mail for just over a decade. At the beginning, we wrote every few days and then it became daily. We talked about ideas, told stories about our pasts, and, if anything interesting was going on, we were reading a good book, had heard a great piece of music, had read a funny sign, had a strange conversation in the supermarket, or even just the dailiness of life, we wrote about it, every day.

    That's the closest thing to consistently maintaining a journal or a diary that I have. It's a fantastic record of what went on in my life for that span of time. It was far easier, I found, to frame ideas and thoughts and life within the context of a conversation, rather than writing into a book or creating pixels to save in an electronic file that didn't ever provoke further thought. And I forget quite a lot of incidents and things that happened and notions that amused or entertained me, until I go back and read them. Then I'm very glad to have written it all.
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    I have a notebook I use for random things. About twice a year, I'll pick a month and record every penny I spend by category for that month in the book. I also use it to calculate my sales and commission by week at work. When I did stand-up comedy, it served as a place to write down joke ideas. When I went to the horse track, I used it to scribble notes to myself about what horse to pick. Also found in the book are a couple random names and phone numbers.

    I'm not sure I'd call it a diary or journal, but that's my notebook.
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