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Personal/home editions

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    I checked Maple, MATLAB and Mathematica websites and found personal/home editions for hobby use like 3D printer, robotics, etc.. and self-study. I now have a few questions for you. Does anyone have any good experiences with them?

    Which software support step-by-step solution display like solving or simplifying algebra or calculus formulas each step? That would help refreshing.

    I was looking for MapleSim personal edition but Maplesoft website did not mention but just student or professional versions. Does MapleSoft offer MapleSim personal/home edition that MathWorks does?

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    I've just taken a class on MatLab, but that's a programming language, not something you can just type in a formula and get a step-by-step answer for. There should be oodles of websites that can do that though. Symbolab is one such website that I use regularly. WolframAlpha can also do this, but you need to purchase a subscription I believe.
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    The home version of MATLAB is the same software as the full professional version, so if you're familiar with MATLAB, it's the same. It's not a crippled, dumbed down, or limited capability version. The only thing different is the license and the cost.
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    Ok, thanks for some replies. I contacted MapleSoft and they offer Maple personal edition for $239 but does not offer MapleSim personal edition. I checked YouTube and learned that Maple is for word processor with math toolkit, etc. I will buy it for hobbyist use for documents soon.

    I will go with MATLAB w/SimuLink add-ons for programming, data results, etc. I will buy it too.

    Maple and Mathematica (WolframAlpha) offer step-by-step solutions for documents use.
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