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  1. Hi I have a project in mind and I'd like some help starting it up.

    I want to create Twisted Fate's Pick a card, for those of you know the popular game, League of Legends.
    L's are where I'd like to put a blue, red, and yellow LED
    To clarify, All three per L
    The . are empty space

    Basically what I want is a button that i can press which starts the project.
    The lights light up in turn Blue-> Red -> Yellow ->repeat.
    Each light has a 2 second on period before switching to the next light
    The lightshow repeats until 30 seconds is up, then turns off.
    If the button is pressed again, the lights will stop rotating and the light that is on will stay on for the remainder of the 30 seconds.
    Battery Powered

    Question 1:
    I feel like this would be much easier to program than it would be to construct the physical timer.
    Am I right? Or should I explore timers and clocks more.

    2. If programming, what would you suggest I use for the microcontroller?
    If physical, what IC chip do you suggest I use?
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  3. mfb

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    A circuit looks possible - use a counter with resets itself after 2 (so the sequence is 0->1->2->0->...), and power the LEDs according to this output. Use some other system (555 timer?) to switch it off after 30 seconds.
    Button: if the 30s-timer is not active, it gets started (and the counter gets powered); if it is active, the button stops the counter (a second button could be easier).
  4. I suggest that you program it, it will be easier and you will have the ability to modify it easily if you want, and for the cost it is cheaper that construct it from separate ic.
    If you decided to program i suggest you use 16f88 microchip micro controller.
  5. This.
    This can be easily done with microcontrollers.
    Using the datasheet of the microcontroller look for features of timers, timers tend to be more efficient than for loops, this is for the PIC16xxx series. Don't know about arduino though

    This is a cool project i might try this in the Proteus Isis Simulator first if i have time.
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