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Personal Website

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    What is the best programming language to construct a personal website? ASP.NET, PHP, ..., etc.

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    "Best" is certainly subjective. It depends on the equipment and software you have available to you and what you want to do with it. For a server side language I'd recommend PHP for most projects as it is powerful, easy and accessible. Ruby (RoR) is gaining a lot of popularity lately. I'd use ASP.NET/C#.NET for large enterprise level projects. Regardless of what server side language you use it's also important to learn some Javascript (AJAX).
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    that's a markup language :smile: but yes look into HTML5 as IE will soon support it. Also CSS.
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    You don't need any language. Some javascript, css and html is good enough. I am assuming that you are not doing any work on the server side and display some static information.
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    Actually, I didn't decide yet how the website will be look like, but it may include forums, which means I will need to used database. Is this change any thing?
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    Then I would advise that you start with an existing forum solution. That will determine what language you use.
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    Check out Flash, it uses java script.

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    Despite what an alarming number of corporate execs command of their skilled underlings, Flash is not a language for building websites; it is a presentation tool for use in particular parts of websites to present information that needs more dynamicism than a flat graphic.
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    I agree 100 percent. Flash is good for components, but not the website itself. Not all of your visitors are going to have Flash installed, or even the version you are using, and if you don't have an alternative, they'll go elsewhere.

    And also, as Dave suggested, look for forum software that already exists, if that's what you want. Why reinvent the wheel?

    If you're really interested in learning how dynamic websites work with databases, investigating php and mySQL might be worth your while. I first learned on ASP and SQL Server, but on my company's dime. Php/mySQL and ASP/SQL Server are similar in many ways, but the latter pair is more expensive.
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    Another thing to consider with respect to Flash is that Google and other search engines can't index Flash very well. Search engines love well-structured sites with focused pages that are linked to each other in a logical fashion with text links (not fancy Javascript or Java based dropdown menus), and that have solid HTML-based text content which is divided up logically into sections and subsections via proper use of heading tags (<h1> <h2> etc.).
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    What do you mean by "expensive"?
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    Well, PHP and MySQL are free, so anything that is not free (e.g. ASP and SQL Server) is going to seem expensive by comparison.
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    This is of no matter, at the end I need to program a good website.
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    html5 is adding the <canvas element and flash is about fnished. I would highly reccomend coding any landing pages in html5 and then directing those pages at some content management systems.

    Look into joomla cms, wordpress blog, jimdo.com.

    Here is a link to currently accepted html5 tags: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/07/06/html-5-cheat-sheet-pdf/

    Good luck, if you need more help google "netometry":)
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