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Perturbation Calculation for Relativistic Energy Shift

  1. Apr 11, 2006 #1
    Help me.
    Below is a question im using for my revision. I can do the first part of the question which involves the taylor expansion. However I am having trouble with the second part. Can anyone help me with this. No matter how I sub in the fine structure constants I cant seem to get to the answer :(......


    or if that link does not work

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    It's hard to help without seeing what you have done. Do you have a conceptual difficulty or it is just in the plugging and churning aspect?
    Because it is simply a question of plugging in and just substituting the expectation values of 1/r and 1/r^2.

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    No its really more of a plugging and churning problem. Here is what i have done so far (hope its clear).


    Hope it is readable.
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