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Peruvian video of a small alien

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    lol looks to me like a lemur with its tail sticking up in the air.
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    Guess again.
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    its part of the plant about half a meter in front of the camera and as the camera man moves it "moves",I thought about this then dissmissed but reading the comments on the video this became clear.
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    Correct, or so far as most of the logical people ascertain, imho. I didn't link to the youtube video because it already mentioned that in the comments. It's just interesting how the power of suggestion can lead some to see what is said to be seen.

    By the way, I don't believe believe in aliens from another world are likely visiting Earth but considering if the civilization is thousands of years ahead of our own, if you look back thousands of years in our timescale, suggesting a hunk of metal that can think (PC) or even one that can take a piece of time and capture it (camera) would be laughable. What would seem impossible to us, maybe they've figured out. What do you say when someone uses that argument to suggest we're being visited?

    Also, could we ever get high on the universal scale? When humans see something that could likely overpower them or outnumber them, we use conservative ideals or poison, traps, and hunting in the case for animals. Humans are cruel when you think about it. Is there a galactic or universal ruler that would squash us down if our numbers or intellect got too big? Would they be as cruel as us humans so they can maintain galactic dominance? I guess it's useless to dwell on such questions but interesting, nonetheless.
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