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Homework Help: Peskin QFT p.21

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I was trying to get the expression for H ,eqn 2.31 on page 21 peskins introductory QFT
    2. Relevant equations
    I get the final expression only if [tex]a^+_{-p}\ a_{-p}[/tex] = [tex]a^+_{p}\ a_{p}[/tex]
    so pls tell me if [tex]a^+_{-p}\ a_{-p}[/tex] = [tex]a^+_{p}\ a_{p}[/tex]
    (+ stands for dagger) thanks in advance
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    don't you think it is a good exercise to rewrite the creation/annihilation operators in terms of phi and pi fields and then find out the relation for yourself? ;-)
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