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Pet insurance question

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    We have regular health insurance for our cat, who also wears a microchip for identification.

    Recently I've contacted his microchip co. for some reason, and they attempted to sell me emergency insurance -- they said if the pet is ever lost, it will cover any expenses between the time it's found (needing vet care) and the time they (the microchip co.) can contact us. This emergency coverage costs the same as regular health insurance (about 20 dollars/month), so if we buy this special coverage it will double our pet insurance costs.

    Incidentally, the microchip co. is owned by the health insurer that we are purchasing from.

    Has anyone been offered this type of a deal, and what was your decision? Does anyone buy pet emergency insurance? Have you ever used it? Can you describe your experience / satisfaction?
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    How does your insurance not cover stuff while they're lost? It's not as if their insurance stops automatically, right?
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    I believe in pet health insurance - we have cat that we got from the pound who turned out to have asthma, and it has saved us an exorbitant amount of money on his meds & office visits. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to afford him & back to the pound he would've gone... & who knows what would have happened to poor Archie after that.
    However, the emergency insurance sounds a little ridiculous - unless it's an outdoor cat. If you have an indoor cat, the chance of the cat getting lost is significantly lessened. For an outdoor cat, it would be helpful... possibly. The time the cat is found & the time they take to contact you probably won't be long, considering "contact you" only involves the cat being taken somewhere where the microchip can be read & then them calling you. Seems pretty expensive for only a few hours, if that!
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    $20 a month? How much does a new cat cost anyway? I don't even pay that for my car insurance!
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    yeah that is absurd. My policy is to feed my cat the best food possible. I feed him Wellness brand and lean turkey deli meats. After eight years he has had no problems.
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    Common practice, and it found our lost cat more than 20 years ago.

    Self-insure. First, all insurance is only beneficial to the insured if the amount of a loss would cripple your ability to continue earning income; the differences are pocketed by the insurance company. Second, the loss of a pet, while heart-breaking, is not worthy of insurance. My ex and I gave our beloved feline a 5-star burial for $19.95+tax, 100% of which went towards a wonderful basket with a closing lid. We wrapped her in her favorite blanket, and did the honors using a shovel, a small plot of land over which she loved to view the most, and about 10 minutes of digging effort.

    She rests there still, in a place we both know in our hearts she called home.

    As for your "insurance" salesman, remove phone from ear, disconnect connection, and get on with life.
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