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Pet, pet names and songs

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Do you have pet names for you pets? This is something Tsu and I started doing years ago and it just stuck. Now our oldest pet, a nearly 15 year old orange Tabby named Einstein, also responds to little tike [big purr!!!], little sh't, little buddy, little pal, little butt, Einey, Einenysteiney, buddy, and about half a dozen more.

    And here is our really dirty secret: Some of our pet gets their own song.

    For example, this was the song for our beloved and departed Mr. Dirt; sung to the tune of the Grinch song from Dr. Seuss

    You're a sleezebag Mr. Dirt
    and you really are a terd
    you are fat and you are lazy
    and you simply drive me crazy
    Mr. Diirrrrrrrrrerrrrrt!
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    My 3 of my guinea pigs I adopted. They were already named Hazelnut, Hermione and Chestnut. Thanks to my brother, they have now adopted the nicknames Onion, Horse and Bum-eyes.
    Any contorted variation on their original or new names, or on "guinea pig" is also acceptable.
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    {dog}Foxy Lady.... FOX-Z Babah, Fox-a-rue, wiggle butt and Miss licker-kisser.

    You know shes a sweet little heart breaker{foxy lady}
    I know shes a sweet little lick maker {foxy lady}
    She wants to chew a bone{oh yea} she won't do it no wrong
    I GOT to get that tongue{its mine} awwwwww Foxy lady.

    Cat}Mister Thadious VonPoof.... Mister Love
    Who enjoys various renditions of..I'm just a love machine. {and I dont hump on nobody but you}

    {cat} Moonshadow...moonie or sum-young moonie
    Cat Steven's Moonshadow, with miner changes...if you ever loose your wiskers, I won't laugh and I won't snicker
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