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Petals Around The Roses

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    If you want to see the solution scroll down.

    The center dot is the "rose" the petals are the surrounding dots. So 3 has 2 petals, 5 has four, all else 0.
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    There was a better dice game called 'bears and fish'

    The bears were the number of dots around the centre dot (hole in the ice). the fish were the number of dots on the bottom of the dice (top and bottom always add to seven).

    Fun. Roll two dice. Tell people how many bears and how many fish. See how many rolls they need before they discover the rule.
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    i asked you to only go to the page and try it out, not tell everyone about the solution. also if u have read the page, it says that u r not to tell anybody the secret of this game.

    it just spoils the fun for others.

    please be careful next time.
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