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News Peter Lilley and Global Warming

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    Some time ago I wondered about the legitimacy of the Irak war in regards to the non-existence of weapons of mass destruction. I contended that the WMD element was not a deceptive lie but merely the result of the groupthinking mechanism.

    On other occasions I tried to demonstrate that some symptoms of groupthink were not alien in climate science like for instance here.

    Would http://www.peterlilley.co.uk/text.aspx?id=1 [Broken] be reading the PW&A forums of PF? I see some remarkable simularities.

    Global Warming as Groupthink - The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's process institutionalizes groupthink on a global scale.

    So is AGW real or just another element in a long list of human behavior excesses? This list would include the revolutions and wars, anything that requires an enemy, exagarated by groupthink.
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    It could be both. Just because a bunch of delusional pathological liars and propagandists claim something to be true doesn't automatically make it false.

    Of course if Al Gore told me there was no monster under my bed, I'd never sleep again. But still....
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