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Peter Lynds is not a fake

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    Hi, this is my first thread in this forum, and it seems this is a really interesting place to make a good debate.

    Well, I want to say that Peter Lynds is not a genious, but he deserves respect because of his boldness. He has opened again an old paradox controveres, and any new point of view about time nature is always wellcomed.

    Well, here I attach a letter received from him where he clearly indicates he does not condider himself a new Eintein.

    http://ciencia.astroseti.org/astrofisica/lyndsfake.php [Broken]

    By the way, Astroseti (the non profit association I belong to) is translating into Spanish the famous paper to be published in Foundations of Physich Letters. We are still waiting the authorization of the mentioned journal, and as soon as we received it (they are the owners of the copyright) we will add it to our web contents. (http://ciencia.astroseti.org/ [Broken])

    Best regards and congratulations for this wonderfull forum.
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    space and time

    Interested in space and time, then look on the net for free sample chapters of Eugene Savov's Theory of Interaction, where these subjects are adressed in a new light.
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