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Petrol Pump Problem :S

  1. Apr 17, 2008 #1
    I'm doing coursework module for AQA CP3, and I have reached a very heavy halt.
    My subject teacher refuses to assist at all, and so I have turned to the web.

    Could any of you help me get the right Visual Basic coding to move numbers on an LCD screen?

    The aim of the project is to make a petrol pump, with an administrative console and a user console.

    So far I have programmed the user console to increase the amount of petrol and amount to pay, with respect to a timer. These values are shown in a text box on the administrative console.
    I have used several IF statements which code the LCD digits (seven segment digits) to each according number. And I have Dim'd the textboxes on my adminitrative console which increase alongside the timer as strings. Where I have then used another Sub to split the number shown into individual digits.
    But my problem is, trying the get the LCD numbers to move as the numbers increase.

    I'd be eternally greatful if you could assist me in my troubles.
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