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Petrol Stations

  1. Jul 5, 2005 #1
    Hi guys, it would be great if you could answer this survey.
    its for a school project.

    1) Which petrol station brand do you personally prefer/patronise?

    Which petrol station brand is the most popular in your opinion?

    2) What affects the most your descision to keep using a particular petrol station (i mean regular use, what keeps you coming back?)

    3) Would you switch to another petrol station if the price their was cheaper?

    4) How much of a price change would you expect before you made the switch?

    5) Is service and convenience more important to you than a cheap fuel price?

    6) Do you find the convenice stores in petrol stations helpful?? How often do you use them??

    -Thanks guys. o:) o:)
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    Since you're calling it a "petrol" station and there's one on that list that I've never heard of (Caltex), should those of us in the U.S. refrain from answering? Do you have a particular country in mind where you'd like your responses to come from?
  4. Jul 5, 2005 #3
    i go wherever has the cheapest gas... unless i'm in the mood for a slushie, then i go wherever sells slushies.. and if there are multiple places, whichever has the cheapest slushies. otherwise, i don't care who's gas i'm buying.
  5. Jul 5, 2005 #4
    moon bear demand for petrol is huge pretty much all around the world. I would be highly obliged and would welcome all users to answer the survey.
    Caltex is a subsidary of Chevron Texaco. If you find the given choices inadequate, please mention your prefered petrol station brand.
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    Okay, didn't want to mess up your project if it didn't apply to those of us in the US.

    1) Well, I don't have a favorite brand. When it comes to gas, I get it from wherever the lowest price is within a short drive of where I am (I'm not going to drive 15 miles to save a penny a gallon like some people do :confused:).

    2) That said, I do tend to use one or two stations most often, and that's because they have the lowest prices; one is on the route I drive to and from work, and the other is near the store where I do my grocery shopping, so both are convenient in addition to having the best prices.

    3) Yes, as long as it wasn't going to cost me more using a lot of gas driving out of my way to get there.

    4) I'll switch for as low as $0.01/gallon difference, though probably more like $0.02/gallon if I have to get to the other side of a busy road from the side I'm already on.

    5) No to service (everything is self-serve here), maybe to convenience in terms of location as explained in 2 and 3.

    6) I almost never use the convenience stores. Once every few months I'll buy a half gallon of milk when I know I'm out and don't have time to go to the grocery store, and maybe once a year I buy a few bags of ice there when I need large quantities for a party (when it's too much to just make my own), and when I travel, I'll buy coffee when I stop for fuel, or choose ones with convenience stores if I need to use the restroom because they are usually cleaner than at ones without convenience stores.
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    I just want to check in so that you don't think that I'm ignoring you, but I can't really answer this properly. From your spelling and terminology, I assume that you're a Brit and therefore dealing with different companies. BP, for instance, was my favoured brand... but they haven't existed here in over 30 years. Same for Pacific 66 and Gulf. I don't currently have a driver's licence (little disagreement with a breathalyser), but when I drive I buy my gas at Safeway. Despite it being a parasitic Yank company, my membership gives me a significant discount. The last time that I actually filled my tank from almost empty was about 3 years ago, and it cost $85.00. With the price increases since then, the same load would probably be $100.00 now. At a regular station without a discount, it would be $120.00 or more. I hate walking everywhere, but it certainly leaves more money for beer.
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    1. I ususally use Texaco.
    Judging by the relative frequencies of petrol stations here (UK), I'd say that BP or Shell are probably the most popular.

    2. ...because my family have account cards, so it's not as painful when paying (it's not real money, right?!), and it's local, and they do some pretty good free gifts.

    3. I'd definitely switch to a cheaper litre. It's just ridiculous over here, I saw Diesel at £1.01 a litre yesterday, the first I'd seen it go over the pound.

    4. I'll switch for 0.5p/litre difference.

    5. Service? No! It's not a restaurant, you're just buying petrol!

    6. The shops are often useful. I'll usually stock up on Tic Tacs, 2 packs of those seems to last about 400 miles. If I'm hungry I might buy a sandwich.
  9. Jul 5, 2005 #8


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    Mobil (now ExxonMobil in US)

    Quality of the gasoline. By far, I find that Mobil is best for fuel injected cars. I have tried Shell, BP (BP/Amoco), Texaco, Exxon (before merger with Mobil) and found that my cars did not perform as well as with Mobil.

    No. Quality of gasoline is prime consideration, and with the competition the prices are nearly the same. Much cheaper gasoline is usually not as good quality-wise.

    I wouldn't switch - see answer to 3.

    5) Is service and convenience more important to you than a cheap fuel price?[/QUOTE] No. I use self-serve, i.e. I pump my own gasoline (petrol).

    Rarely use them.
  10. Jul 5, 2005 #9
    1. Shell

    2. Fair priceing, safe neighborhood, Good owners

    3. no

    4. I wouldn't change

    5. both are important

    6. yes. I use them several times a week. From drinks to snacks to window washer fluid
  11. Jul 6, 2005 #10
    Usually Mobil or Chevron.
    Lately it seems like it's usually what ever is cheapest.

    As far as an individual station, it's convenience. For the brand/company I go for quality like Astronuc. I used to go to the cheap station but my car didn't like the gas there much so I stopped.

    See #2. If I'm on a road trip and happen to be at a station that has good prices I'll get gas there instead of waiting until I'm lower on fuel and possibly paying more somewhere else. Other then that, not likely.

    If gas prices became really bad I might think of changing but since most of my hardship regarding my vehicles have come from car trouble and not gas prices I'd probably stick with the quality product.

    Convenience yes. Service no, since there really isn't service at the gas stations around here any more. I tend not to even look at prices until I'm pumping the gas. I just figure that it's a basic necessity for my vehicle to have gas in it so I'm not going to quibble over price.

    I use them when it's convenient. When I'm on my way to work. When I'm traveling long distances.
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