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PF 1 Year subscription auto renewed for a higher price?

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    PF 1 Year subscription auto renewed for a higher price!?

    I checked my email this morning and noticed that I had an email from PayPal saying that I had "sent $25.00 USD to Greg Bernhardt as a subscription payment." So, I logged into PayPal and sure enough, there was a transaction.

    First off, I did not authorize automatic renewal nor did I have a billing agreement with PhysicsForums.

    Second off, the website says that a 1-year subscription is $15 USD... which means that I was overcharged.

    Third off, I checked all around my PF control panel and cannot find any information on how to turn off the automatic renewal.

    I just don't think this is at all acceptable.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Send Greg a private message. I'm sure he'll make it right.
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    PF doesn't control PayPal -- we can't make PayPal send us money from your bank account! It sounds like you somehow accidentally configured PayPal to send money every year, but I don't know why. Definitely send Greg a PM -- he will either refund your money (if you wish that) or refund the overcharge. I would also check with PayPal to figure out why it happened in the first place. This is (honestly, no kidding) the first time anyone has ever complained about something like this, so let us know what you figure out. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

    - Warren
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    I thought all the money went to the sisterhood:surprised
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    Sssssshhhhh!!! :uhh:
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    Math Is Hard

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    Same thing happened to me, but Greg gave me a refund right away. I called PayPal and they changed something so I wouldn't automatically renew the subscription next year.
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    It all depends on when you first signed up for a subscription and what the settings where then. As we configure settings and as the forum software is upgraded there often times discrepancies with the separate paypal system. I will refund you your money once I get back into town (17th).
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    *WHAT*? I knew something was wrong here... :devil::tongue:
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    I think I have autorenewal, but I don't bother to check. I trust Greg.

    PF is worth more than $25/yr anyway. :biggrin:
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    Even that last reply won't earn you a discount Astro :rofl:
    You should try flattering the sisterhood, they are the real money ....ehemmmm.... power holders :uhh:
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    I recall there being a glitch with PayPal back a while ago (around the last time I renewed I think, so that would fit with the timing of this), where it was requiring you to create a PayPal account to autorenew in order to become a contributor. I know because it tried to do that to me, and I promptly posted here about it (I just cancelled the transaction at that point before signing up). Greg did get it fixed right away (within hours) but I'm guessing there will be at least a few others who became contributors at a similar time who will encounter this problem if they didn't notice it when signing up.

    If it happens to anyone else, let Greg know right away. And, it would be helpful if someone finds an easier way than calling PayPal to turn off the autorenewal feature once it's started for them to post instructions here in case anyone else needs that information.
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    It's now the 20th... I don't mind paying to be a contributor, It's just that I don't feel right about being overcharged for it. If I could get the difference back then that would work out great.
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    PM me your paypal addy
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