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  1. drag

    drag 1,341
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    Greetings !

    Oh... NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where are my 890 messages ?!
    (Hey... Whad'ya want ? I'm a guy ! We're
    addicted to any ego boosters... :wink:)

    What's your old/new username ?

    What was your post count ?

    What was your avatar ?

    (How are you feeling ?

    Are you tired of answering these questions ? )

    Live long and prosper.
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  3. My username didn't change.
    I had about 1400 posts (don't remember the exact number).
    Avatar: The same.
    I am feeling great cause i know that the SQL power will be better than the Access power (for the number of users that will join the site).
    It seems i am not really the kind of guy that changes his things easily :smile:
  4. Another God

    Another God 985
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    I want my avatar back
  5. It was the black and white Grim Reaper with blurry lines.

    I'm gonna ask Greg to help me implement a new one, 1 month from now, 'cause he must be real busy right now trying to fine-tune the new server and stuff.
  6. Eh don't worry about it, that happend to me when they moved to PF 2 from PF 1. I lost.. oh .. 3k... i was the top before the community got so large.
  7. Old username: pmytial
    Post count: ~430

    Changed for some reasons
  8. Monique

    Monique 4,445
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    Hi!!, it's me, the Owl :) Again, lost 1242 or so posts.. :( besides the initial x K oh well, life goes on doesn't it?
  9. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    It's a good test to see who the true PF members are :smile:
  10. I am still Mentat.

    I had ~1350 posts (which put me at the bottom of the first page (in the "Browse Members" menu)). I really hate that the post counts are gone, I would have thought there'd be some way for Greg to save them, but I'll just keep a positive attitude (and post like mad!! :wink:).

    I didn't have an avater.
  11. Tom Mattson

    Tom Mattson 5,526
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    2900 and change.

    A logo for The Best Band You've Never Heard Of, Super 400.

    OK, thanks.

    Nah. Looks like I've got to start responding to all those topics I started, though. :wink:
  12. drag

    drag 1,341
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    Re: Re: PF 2 users list

    Who's that ?!
    Never heard of you !
  13. I don't want my nearly 6000 posts back.
  15. Kerrie

    Kerrie 1,129
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    i sorta wish we could do without the post count...this is a discussion forum over a race of how much blabbing we can do about science...
  16. I think the race for post counts is stupid too..

    However, that is not the topic here :)

    Same name, miss my avatar and only had about 160 posts for the 1 1/2 years or so I have been a member. Maybe 180. I'm very ambitious.
  17. Tom Mattson

    Tom Mattson 5,526
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    Hey babe, good to see ya. :smile:

    One of the kewl features of this new forum is that you can upload your avatar right from your PC. Go to the User CP (Control Panel) and edit your profile.
  18. i really like some of those avatars!
    i also like the new layout in general.

    i lost about 4 post. now i'm near the head of the pack! yes!!
  19. I miss my avatar too. :frown: Anyhow, I like my new one too. Did the avatars come with the new PFs?
  20. I was FZ
    Though now I've gained a +, I have lost over 2000 from my post count. *sniff*
  21. Old/New Username: Sting1983/Sting

    Post Count: 2800+ ? I'm not sure because I never paid attention to post count

    My avatar was the "Stop Fascism" logo with the crossing out of the swastika

    My current feeling? Stressed out because of an upcoming Electromagnetism test.
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