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PF and IE Flash problems

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    I'm sorry but physicforums really bothers me when I use internet explorer 6 to visit it because I get 2 Error messages asking if I want to download Flash 8 player (I always click NO) for every page that I click on.

    I do not have the lastest service pack from Microsoft becuause I have a slow connection and the number of patches are just immense. Hence I have Active X off, which means the Flash content will NOT have been displayed anyway (so there is no point in me downloading the Flash 8 player).

    I generally use FireFox so this is not much of an issue, but I thought the wonderful webmaster may be interested in this issue. If I may provide a suggestion, we could have an option in our control panel that prohibits Flash from being loaded in our pages.
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    Use the Prime skin instead of Nexus. Prime doesn't use flash. Just scroll down to the bottom of the screen and look for the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen to switch from Nexus to Prime.
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    Ooops! I never even considered looking at anything below the last post in the page.

    In that case webmaster, please feel free to ignore my above mentioned suggestion.

    Thanks Moon!
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