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PF birthdate stats

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    What to do when you have some extra time? Play with some numbers ofcourse :)

    I downloaded all the birthdays registered in PF and did a few spreadsheet calculations:

    In total there were 592 entries, of which one was of a 3 year old and another of a 101 year old person.. those were not included in the analysis, leaving 590 entries.

    Total PF community:
    The average age is 27.5 years (13.15 stdev).
    The median age is 22 years.
    The youngest person is 14 years and the oldest 84 years old.

    Number of births per day in:
    JAN 2.10
    APR 1.87
    MRT 1.74
    DEC 1.68
    OCT 1.65
    FEB 1.62
    AUG 1.61
    MAY 1.55
    SEP 1.47
    JUL 1.45
    NOV 1.33
    JUN 1.27

    Average age per month:
    FEB 31.68
    NOV 30.28
    DEC 30.04
    MRT 28.72
    OCT 27.84
    JUN 27.11
    JAN 27.03
    AUG 26.24
    SEP 26.14
    JUL 25.58
    MAY 25.21
    APR 24.75

    Take from it what you want, the most interesting thing I saw was that the day with the most births was on January 1st..
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    extremely interesting scientific facts of PF's biggest resource - the members...

    perhaps many people just put Jan 1 as their birthday because they didn't want to reveal their real birthday but put something in that field?
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    But one is not required to give a birthdate at all so I don't think that would be an issue.
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    On thing I've heard in the past is that there is generally an unsually high birthrate in the early to mid fall season. And it makes sense, because in the winter time people are less active outdoors, which forces them to find more indoor activities..you can draw your own conclusions from that:wink:
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    In my circle of family and friends, most births take place in the late spring. But this is done deliberately, for the most part.
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