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PF blog suggestion

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    Can (or 'should') we set it up so that anyone visiting the site can leave a comment rather than registered members only? And then perhaps reserve the registration feature to blog-contributors only. That way, we can have a hand-picked group of writers and we open up the discussions to everyone and hopefully generate some more excitement & traffic to the site.

    Comments/discussions are key to the success of any blog and right now we have nothing there.
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    Unfortunately blogging systems are heavily targeted by spammers. Physics Post has open commenting and it recieves hundreds of spam comments a week and gotten to the point where a couple years ago I stopped looking, so now none get approved.
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    There are of course excellent for fighting spam for a wordpress blog, including Akismet.
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    I've looked at that. Haven't updated to 2.0 which it requires. I'm nervous the latex hack won't work. Will continue to investigate.
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