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    I know there has to atleast be a few of you out there! Who here hunts wild game?

    I hunt large to small to avian to reptile. Anything that moves and is legal to eat and hunt, I'll try it. I mostly duck hunt and deer hunt, but I would like to get a shot at a moose and an elk at one point in time.

    Might as well post up some pictures too if you've got any!
    a 10 pointer I shot 2 years ago (havent gotten anything the past two seasons :frown: )

    Anyways any other hunters out there or am I alone on this one?
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    I used to go after just about everything and anything that walked on two legs.
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    Man: The most dangerous game
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    I hunt deer with a single-shot .45-70 rifle, and I fly-fish, tie all my own flies, and make my own fly-rods. I used to hunt upland-game birds off and on, though the loss of habitat as old farms have gotten over-grown in the past 40+ years have made grouse and pheasant scarce around here.
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    I hunt deer, rabbit, goose and turkey. Turkey is the most exciting for me, they are very smart birds. And like deer, you see hundreds of them..until opening day, when they vanish!

    This year I got a doe, dressed out to 80 pounds of meat. I want to learn how to make smoked jerky, I have several failed tries. Any one got any hints for me?
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    In my hometown there were a lot of deer, so hunting was easy.

    In the town I'm currently in there's no deer, only moose. Hunting moose is boring and exhausting all at once. So out of laziness, I don't really hunt anymore.
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    I like bow hunting deer. You need to get up and personal for most shots.

    As a kid, my father hunted lots of different game and I loved eating them all. Quail and pheasant were my favorite but he also hunted squirrel, rabbit, ducks, geese, and dove.
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    I used to hunt years ago. Hunters in Michigan were just plain nuts and I got tired of having rifles aimed at me.

    The rifle in your picture looks a lot like the 30-06 that I used to own then. My first deer was 200 yards from a free standing position. I aimed for the head and put it in one ear and right out the other. :devil:
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