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PF copyright rule

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    Hi I noticed the added copyright rule. Could you add there a link to some site that explains copyright restrictions (e.g. how long is copyright protection etc)? Also, some material is copyrighted in some countries but not in others, and that may cause confusion and ambiguity about the application of the rule.

    For example, I just found an official looking site with Orwell's 1984 which I thought was copy-righted, but from that site it seems that it isn't, at least not everywhere.
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    Thanks! So, please add such a link to the rules with a clarification if that rule refers to the laws of the USA (since you chose that example) or those of all countries. I guess that the rule is related to (and I guess again!) this site being registered in the USA. :tongue2:
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    You are correct. We (or rather Greg, the owner) are subject to the laws of the USA.
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    This is what I use.


    But remember, copyright laws in other countries can still be in effect even if they aren't listed under US copyright. So, to be safe, never post anything in it's entirety, post a blurb and then link to it.
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