PF eating contest.

  1. I just ate an entire 2 lbs. tub of cottage cheese and didn't puke. Who dares challenge me?
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  3. that's gross :yuck: i guess i've eaten 2 1/2 footlong subs from subway before, & a large pizza (on separate occasions)
  4. Greg Bernhardt

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    i puked just reading this. that must have been like 10 grams of sodium
  5. Nah, only 2552mg. But its also 78g or protein. :approve:
  6. are you training for something?
  7. Nope, just in the lab collecting data with nothing else to do but eat cottage cheese and analyze the nutrition facts.
  8. ah, i thought maybe since you mentioned the protein. occasionally, i will eat with purpose. from a post i've made elsewhere:

  9. Evo

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    mmmmm, cottage cheese with tons of black pepper, yeah I could challenge you, then I'd want to die, but I could pace you.
  10. Nice work. Also, nothin like a few heavy sets of squats followed by a 12 egg omlette *(preferably with some kind of meat in it) and a salad made from an entire head of lettuce. Oh yea and toast for carbs.
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  11. I lived on instant noodles (and coffee) for 2 or 3 weeks.
  12. That actually looks pretty good except for the 5 egg part. I might have to try that.

    Yes, but who in grad school hasn't? I once knew a guy who for a month would only go on cigarettes and mountain dew.
  13. Creatine is really bad for you! And why are you eating the yokes if you are going for the protein?
  14. The yolks have plenty of other nutrients, not to mention calories which is a main priority for gaining muscle. And please, this is a science forum, everyone knows that you have to stick to mainstream science here.
  15. turbo

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    I have done 1# with a bit of salt and lots of black pepper more times than I can count. 2# would be do-able.
  16. Last night I ate an entire large pizza, a 12 pack of beer, two string cheeses, couple cookies, and maybe 1/4 bag of chips. :rofl:
  17. Evo

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    Ok, that's a LOT!!!!
  18. I have to say, that is impressive. I would be on my way to the hospital before I even got to the string cheese.
  19. George Jones

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    Back when I was a 145-pound student, I could do stuff like that. Can't even come close now.
  20. I don't know what those are but they look delicious!
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