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PF eye strain cure

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    My eyes used to feel very tired after spending a few minutes at the PF, to the point where I had to stop visiting the PF pages. I didn't (and don't) know why that happened with the PF and not with other websites.

    Then, I switched to LCD monitors. At the same time, put them much closer to the keyboard (less distance between eyes & monitor). Now the strain is almost entirely gone.

    If anyone is reading this with strained, red, dry (alternatively, tearful) eyes, consider making these changes -- what worked for me might also work for you.
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    Only PF? That's strange, but eyestrain is a common problem with CRT monitors that are too low in refresh rate. Perhaps pf's combination of graphics triggered something. In any case, if it ever happens again and you're on a CRT, up the refresh rate from the default of 60.
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    Thank you for sharing!:smile:

    Time shrinkage on PF because of its greatness! You think you were browsing PF only for some minutes but in fact it's been for houres!:tongue:
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