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PF Hockey Pool

  1. Draft Pool

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  2. The Dream Team

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  3. Group Pool

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  4. League Pool

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  5. Survival Hockey

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  1. Oct 6, 2005 #1
    PF Hockey Pool (CHANGES MADE NOW!!!)

    Hey everyone,

    I have completely changed this first post.....ignore the poll above as it no longer has any importance.

    Please scroll down to post 3 to see all the information necessary to get this thing started! WOOHOO!!!

    GO SENS GO!!!!!
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    The Dream Team is by far the most fun.
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    Ok, I have found out that the site I was planning on organising out pool at is making me pay now that I've registered....so I found a new site.

    It is actually going to be a LOT easier!

    It's going to be dream team...and thus we don't all have to make our picks at the same time. Here is how it is going to work.

    Each PF'er in the pool picks a team. This team is to consist of 18 scorers and 2 goalies. They must have 4 left wingers, 4 centers, 4 right wingers, 6 defence, and 2 goalies.

    A goal or an assist is worth 1 point.
    A win (for the goalies team) is worth 2 points.
    A shutout is worth 3 points.

    The website address where this pool is is: www.hockeypools.net
    The pool name (id) is: PFL
    The pool password is: puckhog

    I think I have to be the one to add your picks so email or PM them to me and I will add them. I check PF and my email everyday at least once so I will get them entered pronto. I will find a link to a list of all the players in the NHL and their positions so that you can see the players to make your picks from.

    ok here is the link to a list of players...you can sort them how you want at teh stie and make your picks.http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/players

    Please have you picks in to me by Sunday Night at midnight. I will then enter everybody's picks in the pool, and record (in a post for all to see) the points everyone has at the start...these are not going to be included in your stats because they occured before you picked the player. So at the end I'll subtract them from your total.
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