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PF in google

  1. Apr 19, 2013 #1
    I thought I should give some feedback about what I observed with a new word on PF in google.

    Somehow I (thought I) "invented" a new word:

    Later I thought it might be interesting to see what google would do with that. The first google, some hours later gave five hits, however without mine. The next morning it was the first hit in google increasing the total to six.

    Currently it ranks third. The first two come from a blog from 2007 that even Alexa doesn't quantify rank <100,000.

    But obviously the ranking in Google seems to be news value first and after that, eventually according to their quality judgement. Maybe it could help if we can determine what signifies quality for the intelligent spiders of Google panda.
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    Panda plowed through the web landscape. I lost 75% traffic on one of my sites. Generally speaking forums (and I don't mean PF in particular, but other forums as well) were not affected that much, although the data I know suggest that the traffic from Google - that was growing with the number of threads before - now keeps on a constant level. But the sample I have is too low for any serious analysis.

    Also note that comparing google results is tricky, as they are targeted geographically (so you will see different results from different countries), they can depend on your search history, google datacenters are never in a perfect synchronization and traffic to them is directed depending on the load, so you can see results from different datasets each time you search for something.

    And the discussion on what is "quality" in the eyes of google is the never ending one, as it is basis of every SEO. Truth is, nobody knows. IMHO even google engineers don't know exactly. The monster is on the loose, we should gather with torches and pitchforks.
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    Anyway, repeating the search for defelinated an hour or so ago, the OP turned up already but again, on the third position right away. It was not original anymore and no more news.

    So maybe we start a thread in GD, in which we invent new words, to generate more news traffic from google.
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    Only if people start using those new words :)
  6. Apr 19, 2013 #5
    Sure but somebody has to set trends and if it's new it will pick up other words, when the thread grows.

    Decanineted is already the only hit in google.
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    I think the Alexa results warrant another test:

    Of course the statistical robustness of this is nil, there are many more bumps seemingly at random, but it would be interesting to see if we revive the thread what would happen, and it would be nice if it could be moved back to the main GD where the google news bots would pick it up earlier.

    I'll think of more new words.
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    I have a lot of trouble (not to mention revulsion) when people start throwing around supposed words and phrases. Kerfuffle really ticks me off, as do nip-slips, side-boobs, wardrobe malfunctions, baby-bumps, and others. It is hard to see how internet access providers could clamp down on this crap, but it would would be wonderful, IMO.
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    I'm with you on the rest of those atrocities, but the Oxford English Dictionary says that "kerfuffle" dates back to the early 19th century. I think it's old enough to be accepted into polite society.
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