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Bug PF iPhone App - No LaTex

  1. Feb 19, 2013 #1
    Hello all. Brief disclaimer, I'm not exactly a luddite but I'm no programming wiz either so I can't talk about these issues on a very technical level. I can however follow directions, so if I have to do something on my end, I would be able to with some guidance.

    Basically the problem I'm experiencing is that I don't see the LaTex equations that people put up. I just see the brackets and slashes (the code I'm guessing).

    I have no idea if the problem can be resolved on PF's end or if I have to do something on my end.

    Either way, some help would be appreciated. I don't know LaTex well enough to see the code and know what the output would be, thus rendering most threads impossible to read.

    Thanks for any help you can give. I hope there is a solution as the PF app has become my main method of accessing the forum.

    PS I'm on an iPhone 5, and AFAIK all updated as far as the iOS goes.
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    At this time LaTeX is not supported on the app. The mobile browser skin does however.
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    Hi Greg, I didn't realize this issue was discussed in the sticky regarding the PF app already (I just now read it).

    Sorry about that.

    Ill be rating/reviewing in the next few days, its still the most useful app I've downloaded in the last six months.
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