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    Hey there. Nice chatroom that is. But it's IRC at the backend, isn't it? So whats the channels name and on which network does it go?
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    Thanks. It's not IRC, sorry.
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    Aw comon. Port it to IRC. Although thats probably the nicest Web-chat I've seen so far (that most likely because I never used any, but still...), I prefer my Xchat without the beeps and colors.

    what about

    irc.freenode.net #phyicsforum

    freenode is secure, very fast and can hold many thousand people per channel. You just need to include a free webircclient where you have had the chat so far.
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    You can turn off the sound and change the color settings. There are basic instructions for that posted in the thread for the first chat.
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    I've actually noticed that. I admit it's a very very nice thingy indeed. Still, I prefer to chat from a dedicated chat program - not from my browser.
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    Too bad i was there only for 1 minute, but it was entertaining to talk about Cyrus 3.9+ rocket scientists' friends and Doc Al's fort of books. He probably can build an one story house with his books.

    I had fun, looking forward for the next chat.
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    Has it ended an hour early or has there been a change in time, like you guys turned yoru clocks back?
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    Daylight savings :)
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    Most of the US pushed the clocks ahead an hour last night.
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    What a shame :cry:

    Haha, see you all next week. I actually slept through most of it, theres something about Sunday afternoons that is so nap-worthy. :smile:

  12. Mar 10, 2008 #11
    A good idea, most sites have something like it and it was nice to be able to chat live with some of the PF regulars.
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