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PF is giving us subliminal messages?

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    if you look closely at the P in physics, there is a tiny S in it, and there is a tiny A in the F of Forums. Why?

    I think this is hardcore evidence that the men in black are here to hypnotize us into giving them all of the information we know about interstellar space travel
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    Wow, we're really getting a lot of questions about this.
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    There is a conspiracy. If you haven't noticed yet, when you put your mouse over the S or A, it turns into a link. Click it and see where it takes you.
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    I'm certain its not. There is a very good explaination for this in many threads if you search for them.
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    I stickied one of the threads with this question that contains a link to the relevant discussion. Feel free to continue discussing there if you wish.
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