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    We are pleased to announce the opening of the PF Science and Math Link Directory. This is hardly a new concept, but with your help we feel it can grow into a great resource. Feel free to add your favorite science and math links now. All links are moderated. Please only submit the very best science and math websites you visit. We don't want to host the largest amount of links, but a collection of the very best. Every site listed should be amazing. Links will be heavily reviewed.

    There is a bit more configuration and styling left to do along with some eventual category revision.

    Head over now.
    https://www.physicsforums.com/linkdirectory [Broken]

    For future finding, it's in the Resources drop down in the top nav
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    Great. How about putting it in one of the dropdowns?


    Never mind. Just found it o:)
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    Added to my post :)
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