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PF meeting in Leuven, Belgium ?

  1. May 12, 2005 #1
    PF meeting in Leuven, Belgium ???

    http://www.imec.be/infos/ [Broken]

    I will be attending this conference so if you are around, we might meet :)

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    I'll probably be having some exams,but i think i can make it...:smile:

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    yeah, we are so close to each other every day, just a few 100meters. Don't you tink it's time that we meet each other, finally...after all of our physical quarrels :)

  5. Jun 21, 2005 #4
    Just a reminder

    INFOS2005 starts tomorrow...so all nanotech/electronics lovers , you know where you need to be. Consult the above website...i will be there too :)

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