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  1. This thread is for anything related to Photography. I am quite new to photography and I do not know alot about it, so any pointers would be great. I've seen some really great shots in the competition threads, so lets see what PF has to offer :cool:

    Hosting your Photos

    I use Imageshack, it hosts your Image and can also resize the image. I think as a general guideline we should stick to a maximum image size of 640x480 so that the thread doesn't become cluttered and take ages to load up. If you feel that the image would look better a bit bigger then I'm sure that is fine.

    This is my dog Pie, as you can see she loves her Tennis Balls. :smile:

    This one is out in the garden. I had a play around with the focus but I think there is still
    some room for improvement, I tried to use the bricks a backround just to add some definition.


    This one makes me want to cry. It was such a great opportunity to take a great shot, but
    its come out a bit fuzzy, its one of those moments I can't imagine come around to often :cry:
    For anyone that is interested it's in South Africa.


    This should be good :smile:
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  3. Evo

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    Cute dog!! Nice photos!
  4. turbo

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    I've posted this on PF before, but it's one of my favorites.

  5. Evo

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    Awww, that's so cute!!
  6. turbo

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    The chipmunks will come to me and climb on me to look in my hands and pockets for seeds, but the squirrels always act very suspicious. They don't run away because they want to stay near the bird feeders, but they'll retreat to a place where they can keep an eye me until I move off. This was shot at a focal length of 360 mm, with a 35mm film equivalent focal length of 577 mm, so you can see I was some distance away from them and still they were nervous.
  7. Evo
    Thanks :smile:

    That's an awesome shot! Is this in your Garden? I sometimes struggle with photos like this of wildlife as alot of the time it can look quite dull, but yours works really nicely :smile:
  8. I've just come across an Image Manipulation programme, It is quite nice for touching up your photos. It's called GIMP. and it's free. You might want to check it out the site has screenshots and shows you what it does.

    Just a question concerning my Photo of the dog. It looks a bit dull, I am very pleased with what is in the Photo but it is lacking something? Anyone got any ideas?
  9. The dog photo is adorable but it has a blue tint to it. Notice how the dogs fur is bluish instead of white. The photo needs to be "warmed up" by adjusting the color balance. Not sure how to do this with GIMP. To prevent this in the future you can set your camera's white balance to "Cloudy" to warm up your photos.
  10. Hope you don't mind, I played with the image to show you what can be done. The warmer version is the top one and the bottom one is your original.

  11. Cheers, I've done something similar myself. Thanks for the advice though!
  12. turbo

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    Thanks! The squirrels are sitting on the ledge of my log house, overlooking our vegetable garden. I liked the scene in part because the squirrels blend in quite well with the weathered logs, and in part because it looks like the standing squirrel is reassuring its sibling.
  13. Evo

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    Yeah, it's that reassuring paw that makes the picture "talk".
  14. Baby Blues

  15. turbo

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    Ooh! nice detail!
  16. turbo

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    Since I have lots of squirrels stealing my bird food, I make them pay by modeling for me. This one is a baby, probably recently weaned.

  17. I'm lovin my new macro lens!
  18. Your squirrels are just so cute Turbo!
  19. FredGarvin

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    Larkspur, that is a great shot of your cat. Because of that, I have to share my main fuzzy man....Elvis.

    And here is my favorite of Wyatt. I just like how the lighting worked out with the colors.
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  20. Gorgeous cat Fred!
  21. Astronuc

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    Great shot Fred.

    He looks like he's wondering about you.
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