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News PF Political Analysts

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I thought it might be interesting to critique political commercials.

    This one by Thomson set me back a bit as a first exposure.

    I would still be willing to vote Republican because I vote for the person and not the party, [and assuming that this was someone radically different from the rest of the R candidates] but IMO this shot from Thompson does not seem Presidential. He should have just ignored Moore and his nonsense.

    I had absolutely no impression or knowledge of the man before seeing this, but immediately I found that my impression was negative because he chose to jump in the pig slop. This was probably supposed to make him look tough, but already I am left with the impression that he is not big enough for the job.
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    They totally screwed up this commercial. After he turned around it should have gone:


    Go to time 1:00-1:20
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