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PF Profesionals and Students.

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    What specific careers (Experimental Physicist, Mechanical Engineer,...) the members of PF have/going to have?

    I am a student of Civil Engineering.
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    None for me, buddy. Never finished high-school. :redface:
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    My goals (academic):

    Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Systems Engineering
    (Maybe Applied Mathematics or Computer Science)

    In terms of work:
    Not too sure but there are a few areas of interest so far:

    Tomahawk Cruise Missile (guidance and controls)
    UAV's (Autopilot Design, Kalmann Filtering for vehicle identification and tracking [multiple hypothesis testing] also known as Ground Fusion Tracking)

    But who knows, something else may come along that is more interesting.

    PhD, eeeeh, maybe......
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    Currently working on a BS in Pure Math (just recently switched from Secondary Math Education) which I should easily finish in 2 years. Overall goal is either Masters or PhD in Math, and then to teach Math (preferably at a community college).
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    Wow, a guy like you Cyrus (with such a mountain of degrees) should try out for NASA or DARPA.
    I'm not in college yet, but I'll try out either for electrical engineering or any type of it, Particle physics, and maybe we'll see.
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    Amazing, I was thinking about posting the same thread today. This is really uncanny.

    Anyway, right now I'm taking a BSc. Specialization in Actuarial Mathematics.
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    well, i got accepted to ucla as a math major, but i plan to swtich to a more practical major onces i got in. I have nothing in my mind but girls, and money. i might want to open up a solfware company with people infinitly more intelligent than i am. I don t like school at all, much less want to get a mountain of degrees like some other people.
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    I'm working on getting into the medical laboratory science program and then hopefully going on the grad school from there.
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    With this attitude, school is going to school you, hard. :rolleyes:
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    I'd definitely change that attitude and fast, I've known a few people who were extremely smart in high school but with a similar attitude as you and once they got into univeristy they got put in their place fast. Needless to say a few of them won't be returning for second year and not by choice.
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    If you don't like school, then why are you going to university?
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    I second that, Toxic. Bloody hell... I'll take his spot if he doesn't want it. I'd kill for a decent education.
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    You haven't looked at the curriculum for a business major lately, have you?
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    I'm going to university next year as a general math student. After my first year, hopefully I'll know if i like math or physics better and get a degree in that.
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    Just as a side note...
    You can't change to a business major after admission to a different major at UCLA, as far as I know. You have to be admitted from the beginning.
    The same is true for psychology. They are very picky about this.
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    Well, I have just finished 12th and am looking for a BTech in Computer Science at some good engineering college .
    After that, I will probably take a BSc in physics, for love of the subject.
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    I'm currently a civil engineering student at Universtiy of Colorado. I'm really interested in structural engineering and hopefully would like to do something in that field. The program requires 136 credits to graduate, that seems like a lot. But I guess that's good in the long run. The more classes the more education. How many credits do you guys need?
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    I'm a high school student right now, and hope to take something like engineering physics at McMaster, or engineering science at U of Toronto.

    I'd be going this fall, but our awesome high school screwed me out of a required math course :mad: . So I'll be sticking around for one credit, and working as a sattelite dish installer/ computer technician (and hopefully getting an A+ certification!).
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    I need 90 credits to get a BSc., from which 60 are for my program and 30 are electives.
  21. Jun 11, 2006 #20
    90cr? Where do yo live ToxicBug, and what exactly is a BSc.? At my univeristy the minimum for any B.S. is 128cr.
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