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PF Quiz #3 (transcript)

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    [Kurdt] 12:07 pm: 1. Who released the album 'Purple Rain' in 1984?
    [cristo] 12:07 pm: prince
    [marlon] 12:07 pm: prince
    [Gokul43201] 12:07 pm: hendrix
    [Gokul43201] 12:07 pm: oops!
    [Kurdt] 12:07 pm: cristo: correct
    [Kurdt] 12:08 pm: 2. Riga is the capital city of which of the Baltic Republics?
    [marlon] 12:08 pm: latvia
    [Gokul43201] 12:08 pm: lithuania
    [turbo-1] 12:08 pm: Latvia
    [cristo] 12:08 pm: latvia
    [Kurdt] 12:08 pm: marlon: correct
    [Gokul43201] 12:09 pm: I'm on a roll!
    [Kurdt] 12:09 pm: 3. Which French leader died in exile on the island of Saint Helena in 1821?
    [Gokul43201] 12:09 pm: napoleon
    [Borek] 12:09 pm: napolen
    [marlon] 12:09 pm: napoleon
    [humanino] 12:09 pm: napoleo
    [siddharth] 12:09 pm: napolean
    [Kurdt] 12:09 pm: Gokul: correct
    [Gokul43201] 12:10 pm: there goes my streak
    [Kurdt] 12:10 pm: 4. A Pina Colada is a cocktail made from rum, coconut and the juice of which fruit?
    [humanino] 12:10 pm: cocnut
    [cristo] 12:10 pm: pineappl
    [Gokul43201] 12:11 pm: pineapple
    [marlon] 12:11 pm: cocos
    [cristo] 12:11 pm: oy
    [Kurdt] 12:11 pm: cristo: correct
    [cristo] 12:11 pm: yay!
    [humanino] 12:11 pm: lol... it's so fast
    [Gokul43201] 12:11 pm: I bet i'd have gotten in forst if he typed in the E
    [cristo] 12:11 pm: haha
    [Kurdt] 12:12 pm: 5. Which jazz musician released the 'Take it Satch’ EP in 1956?
    [Gokul43201] 12:12 pm: armstrong
    [cristo] 12:12 pm: armstrong
    [marlon] 12:12 pm: satchmo
    [Kurdt] 12:12 pm: Gokul: correct
    [Kurdt] 12:13 pm: 6. Which actor played the character Neo in 'The Matrix' trilogy?
    [marlon] 12:13 pm: reeves
    [Gokul43201] 12:13 pm: reeves
    [marlon] 12:13 pm: keanu
    [~christina~] 12:13 pm: keanu reeve
    [humanino] 12:13 pm: Hubert Reeves
    [~christina~] 12:13 pm: lol
    [Gokul43201] 12:14 pm: hee hee
    [marlon] 12:14 pm: hubert lol
    [Kurdt] 12:14 pm: marlon: correct
    [Kurdt] 12:14 pm: 7. By which name is the Mongol leader Temujin better known?
    [Gokul43201] 12:15 pm: attila
    [marlon] 12:15 pm: djengos kan
    [marlon] 12:15 pm: djengis
    [~christina~] 12:15 pm: Attilla the hun
    [humanino] 12:15 pm: Genghis Khan
    [~christina~] 12:15 pm:
    [Gokul43201] 12:16 pm: no one has it?
    [~christina~] 12:16 pm: I think humanino got it.
    [marlon] 12:16 pm: yes, i do
    [humanino] 12:16 pm: Marlon and I...
    [Kurdt] 12:16 pm: marlon: correct
    [humanino] 12:16 pm: but he spelled it wrong
    [Kurdt] 12:16 pm: yeah I was just checking marlon's
    [marlon] 12:17 pm: typo's not included dr h
    [humanino] 12:17 pm: all right marlun
    [marlon] 12:17 pm: lol
    [~christina~] 12:17 pm: The spelling is different everywhere.
    [Borek] 12:17 pm: next time I will answer in Polish
    [Gokul43201] 12:17 pm: lol
    [Kurdt] 12:17 pm: 8. Which is the smallest orchestral instrument in the string family?
    [marlon] 12:17 pm: chridstina, i corrected that
    [Evo] 12:18 pm: that was Gengis' nephew
    [marlon] 12:18 pm: violin
    [~christina~] 12:18 pm: ah
    [Gokul43201] 12:18 pm: viola
    [~christina~] 12:18 pm: violin
    [Kurdt] 12:18 pm: marlon: correct
    [cristo] 12:18 pm: i read that as "smartest"
    [cristo] 12:18 pm: lol
    [Borek] 12:18 pm: I was ready to write "skrzypce"
    [Kurdt] 12:19 pm: 9. Shakespeare wrote the play 'Timon of…' where?
    [cristo] 12:19 pm: athens
    [Gokul43201] 12:19 pm: athens
    [humanino] 12:19 pm: Athens
    [Kurdt] 12:19 pm: cristo: correct
    [marlon] 12:19 pm: stradford upon evon
    [marlon] 12:20 pm: did he go to athens ?
    [humanino] 12:20 pm: I'll shorten my connection cable
    [Kurdt] 12:20 pm: 10. What was the name given to a hereditary commander-in-chief of the Japanese army?
    [marlon] 12:20 pm: emperor ,
    [Borek] 12:20 pm: shogun?
    [Kurdt] 12:20 pm: Borek: correct
    [Borek] 12:21 pm: lol
    [marlon] 12:21 pm: good one
    [Borek] 12:21 pm: complete guess
    [Gokul43201] 12:21 pm: nice
    [Kurdt] 12:21 pm: Ok we'll take a 5 minute breather and we'll have a score update
    [Gokul43201] 12:21 pm: goodie
    [Kurdt] 12:23 pm: marlon: 4, cristo: 3, Gokul: 2, Borek: 1
    [Kurdt] 12:23 pm: so far
    [Borek] 12:23 pm: geez, I though save will work with saving chat transcript, but it doesn't copy some names - Gokul and humanino end as [], while I am [Borek]
    [Borek] 12:24 pm: I am missing questions because of spelling
    [Gokul43201] 12:24 pm: back
    [Kurdt] 12:24 pm: They get harder
    [marlon] 12:24 pm: christina,let go...
    [Gokul43201] 12:24 pm: me too...
    [Kurdt] 12:24 pm: I hope
    [Borek] 12:24 pm: I know the answer but in Polish
    [Kurdt] 12:24 pm: ok everyone ready?
    [cristo] 12:24 pm: yup
    [~christina~] 12:24 pm: pfft..
    [marlon] 12:25 pm: go for it
    [Gokul43201] 12:25 pm: yup
    [Kurdt] 12:25 pm: question 11
    [~christina~] 12:25 pm: okays
    [Kurdt] 12:25 pm: 11. In 1872, which American ship was famously found in perfect condition but abandoned in the North Atlantic?
    [~christina~] 12:25 pm: titanic?
    [marlon] 12:25 pm: yeah right
    [~christina~] 12:25 pm: lol
    [Janus] 12:25 pm: queen anne
    [cristo] 12:26 pm: mary celeste
    [marlon] 12:26 pm: flying dutchman
    [Kurdt] 12:26 pm: cristo: correct
    [Kurdt] 12:26 pm: it obviously wasn't that famous
    [cristo] 12:27 pm: lol
    [Borek] 12:27 pm: but he wrote the name I knew it
    [marlon] 12:27 pm: google
    [Kurdt] 12:27 pm: 12. What is the study of crops and soils called?
    [Borek] 12:27 pm: rolnictwo
    [marlon] 12:27 pm: agriculture
    [humanino] 12:27 pm: agronomy
    [Kurdt] 12:28 pm: humanino: correct
    [Gokul43201] 12:28 pm: hey, only thing left to try is agrology
    [Gokul43201] 12:28 pm: or agromatics
    [Borek] 12:28 pm: rolnictwo=agriculture, so I was wrong
    [marlon] 12:28 pm: agrologos
    [Kurdt] 12:29 pm: 13. What 'H' can follow bluebell, grape and water to make the name of a flower?
    [cristo] 12:29 pm: hanging
    [marlon] 12:29 pm: hortensia
    [humanino] 12:29 pm: hyacinth
    [Gokul43201] 12:30 pm: nie
    [Kurdt] 12:30 pm: humanino: correct
    [Gokul43201] 12:30 pm: nice
    [~christina~] 12:30 pm: I didn't understand that at all.
    [Kurdt] 12:30 pm: 14. Which small landlocked country in Southern Africa is situated in the highest part of the Drakensberg mountains?
    [Gokul43201] 12:30 pm: wait...
    [Borek] 12:30 pm: don't feel alone
    [marlon] 12:30 pm: no surprise
    [Gokul43201] 12:31 pm: lesotho
    [Kurdt] 12:31 pm: Gokul: correct
    [marlon] 12:31 pm: wow
    [Kurdt] 12:31 pm: 15. In which round did Tyson lose in his 1996 clash with Evander Holyfield?
    [humanino] 12:32 pm: 6
    [cristo] 12:32 pm: 3
    [marlon] 12:32 pm: second
    [Gokul43201] 12:32 pm: 8th
    [Janus] 12:32 pm: 1
    [Gokul43201] 12:32 pm: 12th
    [Gokul43201] 12:32 pm: oops
    [Kurdt] 12:33 pm: no second guesses
    [Borek] 12:33 pm: 12th
    [Gokul43201] 12:33 pm: ignore me...i'm just shooting in the dark
    [~christina~] 12:33 pm: 5th
    [Kurdt] 12:33 pm: The answer was the 11th round
    [Borek] 12:33 pm: lol
    [~christina~] 12:33 pm:
    [Borek] 12:33 pm: thought you were googling
    [Gokul43201] 12:33 pm: EVERYBODY knew that on
    [Borek] 12:34 pm: point for Kurdt
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    [Kurdt] 12:34 pm: 16. From which language does the word “limousine” originate?
    [marlon] 12:34 pm: french
    [cristo] 12:34 pm: french
    [humanino] 12:34 pm: french
    [humanino] 12:34 pm: belgium
    [Kurdt] 12:34 pm: marlon: correct
    [marlon] 12:35 pm: marlon originates from belgium
    [Kurdt] 12:35 pm: 17. Which group of islands were the first discovery for Columbus in 1492?
    [Gokul43201] 12:35 pm: who'd have thunk it wud be the obvious one
    [Gokul43201] 12:35 pm: the bahamas
    [marlon] 12:35 pm: bermuda
    [Kurdt] 12:35 pm: gokul: correct
    [Kurdt] 12:36 pm: 18. What nationality was Marie Curie?
    [humanino] 12:36 pm: french
    [George Jones] 12:36 pm: french
    [Borek] 12:36 pm: Polish
    [Gokul43201] 12:36 pm: polish
    [marlon] 12:36 pm: polish
    [humanino] 12:36 pm: sure...
    [Gokul43201] 12:36 pm: #$%^&*
    [humanino] 12:36 pm: but when ?
    [Gokul43201] 12:36 pm: skladowska
    [Borek] 12:37 pm: when she was born
    [Borek] 12:37 pm: Sklodowska
    [Gokul43201] 12:37 pm: close...
    [humanino] 12:37 pm: then polish.... became french
    [~christina~] 12:37 pm: german?
    [humanino] 12:37 pm: the question was incomplete
    [humanino] 12:37 pm:
    [marlon] 12:37 pm: it's gettin sad
    [Borek] 12:37 pm: She was always Polish, although she married Frenchman
    [cristo] 12:37 pm: she was polish, and then took french citizenship
    [cristo] 12:38 pm: thus Id say polish was the righ answer
    [marlon] 12:38 pm: kurdt ?
    [Kurdt] 12:38 pm: I got kicked
    [marlon] 12:38 pm: polish indeed
    [cristo] 12:38 pm: my bad
    [Kurdt] 12:38 pm: I think Borek: got Polish in there first
    [marlon] 12:38 pm: yep
    [George Jones] 12:38 pm: yup
    [Borek] 12:38 pm: I did
    [humanino] 12:38 pm: technically, she is french now
    [marlon] 12:39 pm: dr h...
    [Kurdt] 12:39 pm: ok
    [Borek] 12:39 pm: technically, she is dead
    [cristo] 12:39 pm: lol
    [humanino] 12:39 pm: lol
    [marlon] 12:39 pm: she sure is
    [Gokul43201] 12:39 pm: ha ha
    [Kurdt] 12:39 pm: 19. Who is the unproven author of the “Iliad”?
    [marlon] 12:39 pm: homerus
    [Gokul43201] 12:39 pm: homer
    [~christina~] 12:39 pm: Homer
    [cristo] 12:39 pm: homer
    [George Jones] 12:39 pm: homer
    [humanino] 12:39 pm: homer
    [~christina~] 12:39 pm: darn lag..
    [humanino] 12:39 pm: bart
    [marlon] 12:39 pm: lol
    [Kurdt] 12:40 pm: marlon: correct
    [~christina~] 12:40 pm: arg..
    [Kurdt] 12:40 pm: 20. Which John Wayne movie won him his only oscar?
    [marlon] 12:40 pm: longest day
    [Borek] 12:40 pm: dylizans
    [cristo] 12:40 pm: stagecoach
    [George Jones] 12:41 pm: rooster cogburn
    [humanino] 12:41 pm: true grit
    [Gokul43201] 12:41 pm: true grit
    [Kurdt] 12:41 pm: humanino: correct
    [Gokul43201] 12:41 pm: finito
    [marlon] 12:41 pm: google
    [Gokul43201] 12:41 pm: ?
    [marlon] 12:41 pm: imdb
    [Borek] 12:41 pm: dylizans=stagecoach
    [Kurdt] 12:42 pm: does anyone want a small break or shall we continue after a score update
    [marlon] 12:42 pm: continue
    [Gokul43201] 12:42 pm: how many to go?
    [cristo] 12:42 pm: lets just continue
    [marlon] 12:42 pm: how many questions in total
    [Kurdt] 12:43 pm: 10 more questions
    [cristo] 12:43 pm: BINGO
    [marlon] 12:43 pm: go
    [Gokul43201] 12:43 pm: ok, i'm good to keep rolling
    [Kurdt] 12:43 pm: marlon: 6, cristo/Gokul:4, humanino: 3, Borek: 2
    [Kurdt] 12:44 pm: 21. What is the capital of Chile?
    [Gokul43201] 12:44 pm: santiago
    [humanino] 12:44 pm: satiango
    [~christina~] 12:44 pm: argentina
    [marlon] 12:44 pm: lima
    [Borek] 12:44 pm: santiago
    [~christina~] 12:44 pm: cough
    [cristo] 12:44 pm: santiago
    [Kurdt] 12:45 pm: Gokul: correct
    [~christina~] 12:45 pm: I seriously don't know real world facts..
    [Evo] 12:45 pm: christina won 314?
    [Evo] 12:45 pm: #14
    [Kurdt] 12:47 pm: 22. Who was called the Serpent of the Nile?
    [Gokul43201] 12:47 pm: cleo
    [cristo] 12:47 pm: cleopatra
    [~christina~] 12:47 pm: cleopatra
    [Gokul43201] 12:47 pm: patra
    [cristo] 12:47 pm: dammit!!
    [marlon] 12:47 pm: cleo
    [christina~] 12:48 pm: at least I don't sound crazy now..
    [marlon] 12:48 pm: patra
    [marlon] 12:48 pm: lol
    [Kurdt] 12:48 pm: Gokul: correct
    [cristo] 12:48 pm: boo
    [marlon] 12:48 pm: booooo
    [Gokul43201] 12:48 pm: boo me
    [marlon] 12:48 pm: boooooo
    [~christina~] 12:48 pm: boooooooooo
    [cristo] 12:48 pm: im gna ryt in txt
    [Gokul43201] 12:48 pm: yay, I feel on top o the word
    [Gokul43201] 12:49 pm: like in lesotho
    [Kurdt] 12:49 pm: 23. What was the nickname of Julius Marx?
    [humanino] 12:49 pm: Groucho
    [Gokul43201] 12:49 pm: groucho
    [marlon] 12:49 pm: graucho
    [Kurdt] 12:49 pm: humanino: correct
    [marlon] 12:49 pm: dammit
    [humanino] 12:49 pm: Karl
    [George Jones] 12:49 pm: spencer
    [humanino] 12:50 pm: lol
    [Kurdt] 12:50 pm: 24. Which part of France would you come from if you were a Breton?
    [Gokul43201] 12:50 pm: brittany
    [humanino] 12:50 pm: bretagne
    [Borek] 12:50 pm: bretagne
    [marlon] 12:50 pm: bretagne
    [cristo] 12:50 pm: brittanyt
    [Kurdt] 12:50 pm: Gokul: correct
    [humanino] 12:50 pm: pff...
    [George Jones] 12:50 pm: eastern nova scotia
    [Gokul43201] 12:50 pm: lolll
    [Kurdt] 12:51 pm: 25. Electrum is the name of an alloy of gold and which other metal?
    [Borek] 12:51 pm: silver
    [Gokul43201] 12:51 pm: mercury
    [turbo-1] 12:51 pm: palladium
    [humanino] 12:51 pm: bCarmen
    [marlon] 12:51 pm: ron
    [marlon] 12:51 pm: iron
    [Kurdt] 12:51 pm: borek: correct
    [~christina~] 12:51 pm: silver
    [~christina~] 12:51 pm: darn
    [Borek] 12:51 pm: christina: correct
    [marlon] 12:51 pm: sure
    [~christina~] 12:52 pm:
    [Kurdt] 12:52 pm: 26. Which Irish playwright declared that: "Work is the curse of the drinking classes"?
    [turbo-1] 12:52 pm: Shaw
    [marlon] 12:52 pm: ylisses
    [humanino] 12:52 pm: Oscar Wilde
    [cristo] 12:52 pm: oscar wils
    [marlon] 12:52 pm: ulisses
    [Kurdt] 12:52 pm: humanino: correct
    [marlon] 12:52 pm: playwright ??? wat's that ?
    [Kurdt] 12:53 pm: someone who writes plays
    [humanino] 12:53 pm: it's like playmate for writing
    [marlon] 12:53 pm: ok
    [Kurdt] 12:53 pm: 27. Of which Middle Eastern country was King Hussein I monarch until his death in 1999?
    [marlon] 12:53 pm: maroc
    [George Jones] 12:53 pm: jordan
    [Borek] 12:53 pm: ethipoia
    [Gokul43201] 12:53 pm: jordan
    [Borek] 12:54 pm: should read the question before asking
    [humanino] 12:54 pm: the Chicago Bulls
    [Kurdt] 12:54 pm: George Jones: correct
    [Borek] 12:54 pm: answring
    [marlon] 12:54 pm: i hate geography
    [Kurdt] 12:54 pm: 28. Juno was the Roman goddess of what?
    [marlon] 12:54 pm: light
    [~christina~] 12:54 pm: love
    [turbo-1] 12:54 pm: fertility
    [~christina~] 12:54 pm: darn..
    [~christina~] 12:55 pm: wrong again
    [marlon] 12:55 pm: google
    [cristo] 12:55 pm: gods?
    [~christina~] 12:55 pm: I woulds say it but...
    [turbo-1] 12:55 pm: marriage
    [Gokul43201] 12:55 pm: marriage
    [Gokul43201] 12:55 pm: freak
    [humanino] 12:56 pm: youth ?
    [Borek] 12:56 pm: wiki: marriage and queen of the gods
    [starkind] 12:56 pm: the home
    [Kurdt] 12:56 pm: Gokul: correct
    [marlon] 12:56 pm: sex
    [Gokul43201] 12:56 pm: no, not me
    [marlon] 12:56 pm: turbo was first
    [Kurdt] 12:56 pm: he guessed twice
    [Gokul43201] 12:56 pm: ok
    [marlon] 12:56 pm: ok yeah
    [Kurdt] 12:57 pm: 29. The Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix is held on the outskirts of which city?
    [Gokul43201] 12:57 pm: monaco
    [marlon] 12:57 pm: valencia
    [cristo] 12:57 pm: barcelona
    [Gokul43201] 12:57 pm: ouc
    [Kurdt] 12:57 pm: cristo: correct
    [Kurdt] last one
    [Kurdt] 12:58 pm: 30. Gatophobia is the fear of what?
    [marlon] 12:58 pm: tada
    [Gokul43201] 12:58 pm: ok
    [marlon] 12:58 pm: cats
    [humanino] 12:58 pm: cakes
    [cristo] 12:58 pm: cats
    [George Jones] 12:58 pm: gatorade
    [Kurdt] 12:58 pm: marlon: correct
    [Gokul43201] 12:58 pm: ha ha
    [Gokul43201] 12:58 pm: nice
    [marlon] 12:59 pm: gato is italian for cat
    [marlon] 12:59 pm: so latin as well
    [humanino] 12:59 pm: gato is the french for cake
    [~christina~] 12:59 pm: spanish as well.
    [Borek] 12:59 pm: cats was correct but gatorade was better
    [Gokul43201] 12:59 pm: phobish as well
    [humanino] 12:59 pm: agreed
    [Kurdt] 12:59 pm: give me a minute and I'll work out the scores
    [marlon] 1:00 pm: or christina ? yeah, she is the winner
    [cristo] 1:00 pm: you beat me marlon
    [humanino] 1:00 pm: winner of marlon's heart
    [marlon] 1:01 pm: that, she already was
    [George Jones] 1:01 pm: cristo won marlon's heart???
    ~christina~ slaps both marlon and humanino
    [cristo] 1:01 pm: i wish
    [George Jones] 1:02 pm: upside the ...
    [marlon] 1:02 pm: don"t get that
    [marlon] 1:02 pm: elaborate ? GJ ?
    [Kurdt] 1:06 pm: Gokul:8 marlon: 7, cristo/humanino: 5, Borek: 3 and GJ: 1
    [marlon] 1:06 pm: bsettle for me, sure man
    [cristo] 1:06 pm: congrats gokul
    [Gokul43201] 1:06 pm: ooh, close finish
    [Gokul43201] 1:07 pm: Nice game kurdt - thanks
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    Great job on the transcript Kurdt and thanks for the Quiz!!!!

    Congratulations to Gokul on another win!!!
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    Thanks for running the quiz, and for making the transcript Kurdt!
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