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  1. So I have been entertaining the thought to organize a meeting with PF friends, and dialogueing in chat about it yesterday, I felt enough encouragement to proceed.

    If there are enough firm indications and commitments to visit, it can be done, and at resonable costs. And I'm more than happy to organize things.

    The whereabouts.

    This is the place:


    It's in southern France close to the Pyrenee mountains. Try 'Allieres France' in google maps to get an idea.

    The time.

    Balancing all factors, second half of April 2010 seems to be the best. Air fares and other costs are still on minimum rates, while the spring is at it's best. It would not be the first time when the swimming pool was already in use at that time. No guarantee however.

    The duration, coming transatlantic, minimum stay would be a week at least, I would think to deal with jet lag, while we fill the time with hiking, horseback riding, swimming or skiing or just having parties with bbq, whatever. Two weeks would be no problem either, each on individual wishes.

    Of course there are minimum and maximum attendance numbers, accommodation wise, but we could deal with that as it arises.

    So what do you think, would you come? Any caveats?
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  3. lisab

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    Sounds fantastic!
  4. Borek

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    Interesting idea :smile:

    Define 'reasonable cost'.

    Not that I will be able to say something before late December.
  5. It's my sisters place, Borek, so it's not really intended to be commercial. It would depend much on number of participants and conditions. But she must at least be able to buy the food and wine and clean the sheets and things like that.

    But won't be much, not really close to hotel costs.
  6. Ah man I wish I were on more friendly terms with all you guys :P Always wanted to go to Europe. It'd probably be weird since most people here are probably twice my age :| haha
  7. lisab

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    That doesn't mean we're not fun :tongue2:!
  8. now you are sorry
  9. More about costs, it would make a big difference, if we ask my sister to cook or if we use the big kitchen in the "gite" and each of us shows his kitchen skills to the others, by cooking her/his favorite dish and asking my sisters family to join us with dinner.
  10. hahahaha! and I don't doubt you guys are 'fun' lisa ;)
  11. Danger

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    Sounds like a great idea. There's no way that I could participate, but I look forward to seeing the pictures.
  12. Ah pictures, yes good idea, Dan, really too bad that you can't come.

    But it's a photographers paradise, Borek!






    I wonder if my niece has a bf again.
  13. Borek

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    You have posted some of these pictures earlier, so I know its a beautiful place :smile:
  14. Monique

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    I can't give a firm commitment at this point, but it sounds like a great idea.
  15. Evo

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    oooh, cooking would be fun, too bad turbo cvan't go!

    MIH and I have voluteered to be the bar wenches.
  16. Moonbear

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    Oh, it looks wonderful! Unfortunately, I know I'm already booked with other commitments at the end of April, so can't even toy with the idea. :frown:
  17. Beautiful home, beautiful location, wonderful countryside, it's tempting. I've already got the beginning of April booked for travel for my mother's birthday, but I could make a mad attempt at swinging this, however I wouldn't go without Moonbear. :smile:
  18. I met my sister last weekend and we discussed the event. She is very happy to host it and the format, timing etc can indeed be adapted to exactly what we like. Everything is open. So any ideas? comments?
  19. Borek

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    Too early for any declarations for me.
  20. lisab

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    I think a lot of folks are in that same position.

    However, for US PFers who are even remotely considering it...start now to get a passport, especially if it's your first one. I've heard getting your first one can take several weeks, maybe a couple months.

    I think renewing it doesn't take as long, though.

    Mine's up to date :biggrin:.
  21. cristo

    cristo 8,384
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    You're kidding, right? Please don't say that US PFers are amongst those in the the US without a passport!
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