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PF Remember me : a problem

  1. Nov 20, 2004 #1
    PF "Remember me": a problem

    You dudes,
    just wanna know how the "remeber me" box in the top right of da page is working

    In my room, when i log to PF it log me atuomatically, and i did that on my computer account in the Uni...
    The surprize is by chance i came accross a guy in the comp lap there on PF and i said to myself "Wow! PF creature out of the web!" i looked at the page and i saw my member account is logged in, i asked him to log Moses out...
    The way i find it was a mere chance this time, since that guy was sitting in my favourite com i use in the com lab....

    I change my password in case...still wondering if it is safe to log to here via the public computers..[can somebody take your passwords via network?! or you saved passwords on your account will be saved on the same com and other account may use it?!

    Yeah, i admit there is some stupid part from me in this thingy, i did not know exacltly waht it is, jsut curious to answer the Q's above by somebody.

    I there is some seriuos issue goes on, may my experience wil be useful about this issue, i do not want somebdy to post thingy;s in my name..even they are "Nerdy" :rofl:
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    Don't set it to log in automatically unless you are the sole user of the computer, and remember to log out when you are done on a public computer, otherwise that's what happens, others can post using your account name.
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