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PF School Wars

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    We talked about what programs and courses we took, but let's talk about which school we went to.

    Note: Although the title says School Wars, I don't want to see any negative comments on other schools. Post with respect.

    While you post, you must also post pros and cons of the school. For every pro you put, there must be one con. I don't want an unequal amount between the two.

    Brock University

    Pro - Small student body in Physics/Math program, which I like.

    Con - I said small student body in Physics/Math, but not at the University itself. Therefore, to find a student with similiar interest ... is like searching for the final theory.
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    Sekolah Menengah *********

    Sekolah means school. Menengah means middle. However, kids from 12-20 years attend it. ********* means that the school authorities would probably be very mad if they came across this post.

    Pro -
    • It is a secondary school (or high school) that has special classes for more able students.
    • It is a 6-minute drive away from my house.
    • I have permission not to do Homework.
    • The kids are so dumb that I don't have to study to keep ahead of the game.
    • It's a pressure free environment.
    • Discipline is strict, but there are still several people who smoke in the toilets.

    Con -
    • The so-called 'more able students' were selected based on a test done at the age of 11! So, as you can imagine, a lot of them are just blockheads that deserve to attend vocational school.
    • The subject teachers, except for Malay Language- my worst subject - can't teach me better than I can teach myself.
    • Having had no mathematics tutor for the past 4 years, I feel that my abilities in mathematics are going to waste.
    • If you keep long fingernails, or wear white socks with little logos like the Nike sign, you could be asked to collect and throw rubbish from each classroom in the school as a punishment.
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    Seneca College (Toronto, Canada)

    Pros: Culturally diverse student population (prepares you for the real world)

    Cons: Culturally diverse faculty :tongue2:
  5. Oct 29, 2004 #4
    The University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario, Canada)

    35,000 students, tons of people to meet
    Beautiful campus
    15 minute walk away form my home
    At least 7 Tim Horton’s (doughnut shops) on campus that I know of.
    Lots of good lookin’ girls
    Tons of clubs
    Good, friendly profs
    Good transportation around campus
    Great university hospital

    Parking is expensive
    Lots of asbestos in the older buildings
    Main food court is always crowded
    No MSN on most of the computers
    The substation or whatever that provided power to most of the university’s air conditioning broke early this year

    I’ll add more as I think of them. UWO Rocks!!! :p
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    The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

    Pros :

    Over 50,000 students spread over an area of about 1700 acres among a total of over 400 buildings.

    Has good programs (is ranked among the top 25 grad schools in the US) in nearly all areas.

    The folks in my department are really cool, intelligent, and fun people.

    We've had (in 2002 and 2003) a great College Football team. Our football stadium holds 105,000 seats, so we're quite the football crazy community.

    Beautiful campus - in the summer.

    Located in a medium sized city - so the associated advantages.

    Cost of living is moderately low.

    Location : St Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and DC are all within 6 hours drive of here.

    Cons :

    Over 50,000 students !! :eek:

    Parking on campus is ridiculous.

    Health Insurance subsidy and paychecks for Grad Students are not great compared to similar schools.

    Cold, dark and depressing place in the winter.

    Flat land for miles all around.
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    http://www.uvic.ca/archive/homepages/assets/featurephotos/aerial.jpg [Broken]
    medium-sized math dept (i think), which is good because everybody sort of knows each other
    girl/guy ratio is 2/1
    nice campus
    90-minute ferry rides from vancouver & seattle

    it's in victoria, and i've been trapped on this island for far too long. (it costs money to leave)
    from what i've heard, parking is ridiculous (i don't drive)
    ridiculously self-serving, crude, obvious, embarrassing, patting-themselves-on-the-back university publications
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    :biggrin: Recon I believe you, and I feel sorry for anyone who has to compete with you :tongue2: .

    The University of Hong Kong

    Pro and Con: it churns out employable screws and nails, but if you are a stupid kid like I was, it's a okay place to study in.
  9. Oct 29, 2004 #8
    I attend school with semi-morons, Polly. Being able to beat them should not be considered as an achievement. If I were to attend school in Singapore or in Hong Kong, the kids there would squash the daylights out of me.
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    University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

    these are the pros and cons that I recall from when I was there over 10 years ago. Things have probably changed since then.

    Pros: talented diverse faculty covering a wide range of fields, http://www.su.ualberta.ca/su/businesses_and_services/ratt [Broken], nice compact walkable campus, public transportation access, world class hospital across the street in case you keel over, N Saskatchewan River at the edge of campus. Nuclear reactor on campus.

    Cons: crappy undergrad lab equipment, 6 months of vampire living during the winter, 40k students crammed into a nice compact walkable campus
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    Recon I agree with you in relation to the Singaporeans, they are SCARY. Can you believe a girl living in the dorm with us actually spent all her time after school chatting and mucking around but secretly hid in the toilet (with her feet lift up presumably) after curfew and swotted? only to slacken us? I found her so despicable I didn't even want to know her grades :grumpy: And talk about their capacity for sheer hard work and the ability to speak and write and think in good English, while we speak and think in a Chinese dialect! Horrid!!!!!!!!!!
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    Belford University

    Rapid pace - I completed my Bachelor's, Masters, and PhD in Warehouse Management in only 10 days.
    Low cost - Using the package deal, it only cost $899 for all three degrees combined.
    Accreditation - Universal Council for Online Education Acreditation (UCOEA). Universal means that not only is accepted in the US and on Earth, but it will be accepted on other planets as well, right?

    Lousy graduation ceremony - the postman wouldn't even hum "Pomp and Circumstance".
    Confusing directions to campus - I got lost trying to find the campus. Actually, I'm not even sure it's in the United States - they type with an accent.
    Limited number of programs - The have the biggies like Astronautical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering (Don't laugh - quite a few of the German technician/engineers brought over with the Von Braun team had their degrees bought for them via mail order by the Army in order to give the Army's space program equal status with the Navy and Air Force programs - and which one of the three succeeded first?). But, I really had my heart set on Farrier Science.
    School is not very prestigous - I applied to become part of the faculty at Belford University and got rejected. They wanted someone with a degree from a better quality school. (Either that or it was the fact that couldn't find the campus and missed my job interview).

    :frown: Okay, I admit I'm exaggerating my academic credentials just a little. I was too cheap to complete even this degree program.
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    BobG :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Villanova University


    THE HOTTEST GIRLS EVER. I guarantee the girls at my school are much hotter than the ones at your school. Almost every girl here looks like a model, and whats even better is that they are all rich too.


    Saturdays always suck here
  15. Oct 29, 2004 #14

    Rated at least the top three in region.
    Great teachers (as far as I saw)
    Small class sizes
    Close to home
    Beautiful campus and all buildings are close to each other.
    and biggest pro of all: at least 3:1 female to male ratio

    Not much to do outside of school, especially on weekends.
    Some classrooms are hot and others cold. None have really comfortable.
    Parking can be a problem, but I've only experienced it only once in my three years.
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    Ivy Leaguers?

    I was hoping to see one.
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    Virginia Tech:


    25,000 students.
    Excellent engineering curriculum, in the top 15 or 20 in the nation.
    Wide name recognition.
    Lots of opportunities for interesting undergraduate research.
    Blacksburg is a cute town, which is pretty much taken over by students. Almost everyone you see is between the ages of 18 and 22. Practically the entire town is your peer group.
    Relatively easy, cheap parking compared to most schools.
    Great outdoor activites -- just minutes from the Appalachian Trail, the New River, and more.
    Gorgeous stone campus. Lots of parks, open spaces, trails, etc.
    The school has a world-class football program, but it isn't the focus of the school. It's not a "football school" like FSU.
    Excellent greek system with lots of choices and great off-campus greek housing.
    Absolutely amazing school spirit.


    Cold in the winter, often with several feet of snow on the ground.
    They don't cancel class even if all the off-campus students are truly snowed in.
    No large astronomical observatory (the largest is 16"), and only a very small physics/astronomy program.
    No Astronomy degree program.
    Slightly more males than females.
    The closest "city" is Roanoke, which is 45 miles away and would not be considered a city by anyone who didn't live in Blacksburg.
    Mascot is made fun of by practically everyone except students and alumni.
  18. Oct 29, 2004 #17
    i'm not sure about that. literally ~65% of the students at my school are girls (ie 2 girls for every guy), and there's lots of competition between them there. every guy can pick & choose between 1 model-type babe & another one. (or both)
  19. Oct 29, 2004 #18
    UBC has underwater hockey
    'nuff said.
  20. Oct 31, 2004 #19
    Laurentian University, Sudbury,Ontario, Canada
    best mining engineering program in canada(we usualy sqwash every other school at mining games)
    world class medical and artsie programs
    average of 27students per teacher
    great beautiful campus
    great girls
    awesome teaching
    relativly cheap school

    next to no girls in the engineering programs
    artsies everywhere
    great campus far from everything
    relativly cheap yet still too much
    no hockey team
  21. Oct 31, 2004 #20
    i thought queen's had the best mining engineering program in canada?
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