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PF Staff Changes!

  1. Apr 21, 2013 #1
    It's not been an easy month for our Mathematics forums. First we lost Micromass. Now I reluctantly report that Hurkyl is leaving his post due to personal reasons. We were fortunate enough to retain Hurkyl's efforts for many years. We hope he will pop back in when he has more time. Thanks Hurkyl!!!

    To replenish our numbers we are excited to announce a few changes.

    Mark44 is moving to Mathematics. No worries students, I am confident he will still remain very active in the HH forums.

    SammyS will be promoted to Mentor and filling Mark44's vacancy in HH!

    Fredrik will be promoted to Mentor and filling Micromass's vacancy in Mathematics!

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    Thanks, Hurkyl, for the many years! Hopefully, you'll still be able to find time to drop in.

    Congratulations, Mark44!

    Welcome, Fredrik and SammyS!
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    Hey Hurkyl, welcome to the club of emeritus mentors!

    Great to see new additions, congratulations to all!
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    I remember Hurkyl from 10 years back when I first was getting active at PF. His open-mindedness, objectivity, willingness to ask questions (and probably, I think, patience) were an important help to me as a newcomer getting settled. Part of what made it a good place. Subsequently, whenever I noticed H had posted on some thread, I always looked with extra alertness to see what he had to say. All the best, Hurkyl, and thanks.
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    Bye Hurkyl, we've missed you!! :frown:

    Congratulations to Sammy and Frederik!!
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    What does HH stand for?
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    Homework Help
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    All the best to you, Hurkyl.

    Congrats SammyS and Fredrik!
  10. Apr 22, 2013 #9
    Best wishes to Hurkyl and his next journey in the walk of life.

    And a warm New Zealand welcome to new mentors, and those shifting forums. :-)
  11. Jun 30, 2013 #10
    Pursuant to a ruling I gave 9th April regarding micromass, it has now been retracted.

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