PF Upgrade: Next week

  1. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    Well folks, it's here finally! The new version of our forum software is out and it's beautiful! This weekend I will start planning for the upgrade and I hope to start either Monday or Tuesday. During the upgrade the forums will be done and you'll find the site password protected. I'm not entirely sure how long the upgrade will take, however along with the upgrade we will be reinstalling the LaTeX hack and a few other hacks I am excited about. To make the upgrade time shorter we will use the forum default skin and work on that later. Just think, all the annoying bugs and terrible layout errors will be fixed!

    So recap:
    Forum upgrade
    Downtime Monday or Tuesday for most of the day
    Default skin
    A few hacks will be added initially
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  3. Do we need do anything like reapplying to PF (a la last year) to maintain our member status/information?
  4. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    Good question (considering our past). You won't need to reregister, everything will be preserved and carried along with the upgrade.
  5. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    I hope to start this afternoon. If I do the forums might be down for a few hours.
  6. Woohoo!!!
  7. Very nice, Greg...easy on the eyes, too!
  8. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    Thanks zero, lots left to do, but I have enough done to open it back up :smile:
  9. It's all so....different. I like the change
  10. So many buttons!!! I like this quick reply
  11. Integral

    Integral 7,288
    Staff Emeritus
    Science Advisor
    Gold Member

    Very nice!
    I missed the notice of the change over, was caught by surprise when the fourms suddenly disapeared! Looks like the upgrade went smooth. Congrats Greg!
  12. I love quick reply. I wish more forums would have that feature.
  13. Pretty! Where's the centerfold?
  14. dduardo

    dduardo 1,895
    Staff Emeritus

    Greg, I found a little problem. Something went wrong with the cookie system after I did an advanced reply. Got the following message:

    Unable to add cookies, header already sent.
    File: /htdocs/www/includes/functions_bbcodeparse.php
    Line: 1467

    I had to clear my cookies and sign back on.

    Btw, very nice improvements to the site
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  15. Kerrie

    Kerrie 1,129
    Staff Emeritus
    Gold Member

    the site looks great! the only thing i sorta wish we had is a shout box, similar to what philosophyforums's a small chat box in real time, and it's kinda neat.
  16. ShawnD

    ShawnD 953
    Science Advisor

    It isn't going to look like this for long is it? The excessive amount of white makes it really hard on the eyes.
  17. dduardo

    dduardo 1,895
    Staff Emeritus

    I think the color scheme is very good. ShawnD, you should try to turn down the brightness and contrast on your monitor if the white bothers you.
  18. Evo

    Staff: Mentor

    I was thinking the same thing. I had to dim my screen. I really liked the soft blue.

    I also noticed everyone except the mentor's avatars now say "registered user".
  19. It'd be great if the boards were password protected.

    Like, you can't see inside the board without a membership. Once you click on General Physics, General Discussion, Software it'll say, "Membership required"

    More private and less 1 post members.
  20. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    A shoutbox can be added, maybe for contributing members? :wink:
  21. ShawnD

    ShawnD 953
    Science Advisor

    That would suck. Whenever I see a forum like that, it tells me they are desperate for members. The last 3 or 4 forums like that I have joined only had like 20 members and had very little activity.
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