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PF very slow?

  1. Jun 1, 2004 #1
    Is it just me or does it take ages to load every page on PF today? It's evening and it's been like this since the morning... :sad:
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  3. Jun 1, 2004 #2
    I haven't had much problem today, but I have experienced this problem earlier. For some reason I've got a lot of IE errors saying 403 - forbidden lately though.
  4. Jun 1, 2004 #3
    I've encountered similar slowdowns before, usually in the morning.
  5. Jun 3, 2004 #4
    I guess you guys might have some problem with your r00t passwords which slow down the loading speed... and that counts! at least to me !:tongue2:
  6. Jun 3, 2004 #5
    WhERe is 'm0rNing' ? <<smile:>>
  7. Jun 3, 2004 #6
    No problem here! Fast throughout the days
  8. Jun 3, 2004 #7

    jimmy p

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    Nope, not a problem here either on my old 56k connection. In fact, its one of the fastest loading pages that I use... google being the fastest I suppose...
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