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Homework Help: PH and mL through pKa+log[A-]/[HA]

  1. Sep 27, 2012 #1
    1. You have a .246 M HNO3 solution. You also have 213mL of a 0.00666M 2,2' -bipyridine. You want a solution with pH 4.19. How man L of .246M HNO3 do you add to the 213mL other stuff?

    2. pH=pKa+log[A-]/[HA] also, pKa of 2,2' -bipyridine is 4.34 I think.

    3. pH=pKa+ log[A-]/[HA]

    (5.96x10^-5mol) / (0.246M)= .0002423L or .2423 mL

    I know that is not the right answer, I'm just not sure what I am doing wrong. Is this the wrong equation for the problem or is there something else I need to do?
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    First things first - what is your HA and what is your A-?

    Note you have not used volume of the pyridine solution. You are right about using Henderson-Hasselbalch equation, but you need to pay attention to the way you calculate concentrations.
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