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Ph.D in Civil Engineering

  1. Oct 14, 2011 #1
    Dear Scholars,
    What a phenomenal guidance on the forum. I am completely convinced to join the forum and seek some guidance.
    I have a Master's degree in Civil Engineering from USA and after recent layoff in Manufacturing, intend to do my deferred dream of completing Ph.D. and join the teaching profession. My thesis research was on "Cavitation in Hydraulic structures". I love teaching and have a strong passion, patience and perseverance for the profession.
    Just curious, what areas of Civil Engineering other than Structure engineering is more demanding to enter in teaching profession. I am 56 now and feel completely empowered to fight for the dream.
    Please be encouraging in your advice and brainstorm as to what field and what inexpensive University would be the best to join. I am in the process of talking to the professors as well.

    Thank you for the cooperation and understanding.
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