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Ph.D in Nanotech in Europe & U.S.

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    I am doing a Masters degree in physics in India. I am interested in doing research work in nanotechnology. Can any one please direct me which are the best universities in nanotechnology research in Europe and U.S. What are the entrance exams required. In how many years can we finish the research (in general)

    Thanking you in advance
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    check out http://www.imec.be/

    I am currently doing a nanotech-related phd there...We have a few people from India here at IMEC in Belgium.

    Check out my journal for more info (the 'life of a phd physics student entries')

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    I know Australia isnt in Europe or the US, but I know UNSW are doing a fair bit of research into nanotechnology.
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    If you need a doctor degree in nano physics, doing it in your own hometown isn't good, is it ? nanotechnology is a new branch in physics, I think US isn't that good at all, except game programming and balloon inflation.
    Surely, you might have benefits after graduating from US schools and to the worse of my knowledge one apparent benefit you should have is to be a completely aggressive scholar that all of the professors there trained you to be.
    Hardest part of any entrance exams for master, doctor course will be interviews-your "talkshows" to tell some people in front of you who you are and why you choose this school, what you are doing, etc.

    Good luck.

    P.S oh well, I nearly forgot one more detail to say that US society can also offer you good education in becoming a "real" human being, with highest education together with moral values that no other countries in the world have ever given...
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    Re: Ph.D in Nanotech in Europe & U.S.


    I have just joined M.Tech in Nanoscience and Tech from Delhi Technological University( formerly Delhi College of Engineering) in Delhi, India. I am interested in doing a PhD from a good university abroad. Kindly give me guidance as to how I should approach this objective, the exams I need to clear, no. of research papers that I need to publish and present. Hope to hear from you soon...Regards.
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