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PH meter

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    Does anyone know if it is possible use a soil pH meter to measure the pH of liquids (ie. not soil)? Or a better way to phrase it, is there any diference between a soil pH meter and a normal pH meter meant to be used on liquids that would cause inacuracies or other problems if one was substituted for the other?
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    The only concern I would have is that some soil pH meters are not waterproof, and most are not water-resistant. So, if you are happy with an accuracy of about 0.1 or 0.2, I think it should be okay to use a soil pH meter (as long as you've determined its water-resistance and are happy with it). There may be a need to recalibrate.
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    great, that will make my life slightly easier.
    the soil pH meters seems to be cheaper than normal ones, and more readily available. I also like it better because it is much simplier to use (just stick it in) rather than having to calibrate it over and over and, atleast on some, always have it in a neutral solution while your not using it.
    I dont need extreme acurracy, to the .5 power of hydrogen will work fine.
    and I suppose if it isnt alreadt water proof, I can make it myself, and just wipe it off well after use.
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