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PH of Store bought Vinegar

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    This was just a curiosity thing, but...

    I assumed "5% acidity" to mean 5 percent of the soln was acetic acid, by volume (though, doing the calculations for "By mass", I got roughly the same pH). Also, I couldn't find the density of acetic acid in my text book, so I assumed it was close enough for my calcs to water to use water's density. The pH I figured was ~ 2. Anyone know if this is correct?

    Also, I'm using vinegar to clean my apartment before I leave... and some of my oven stains aren't coming off using it right out of the bottle. I saw that the boiling point for acetic acid was about 20 degrees C higher than water, so I'm wondering if boiling vinegar in a sauce pan w/o something to catch the vapor will increase the pH enough to make it a stronger cleaning agent. Anyone else ever try this?
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    Regardles of wether it is w/w or v/v density is around 1.006, so assumption that it is that of water is OK. Calculated pH should be around 2.42.
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    How about bleach - would that corrode the oven surface? Why aren't you using store brand oven cleaners?
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    Price :D. Plus, all you have to do to vinegar is dilute it, and it's environmentally friendly.

    EDIT: Price meaning, my 3 liters of vinegar cost about 3 bucks, and it's really good as an all-purpose cleaning solvent -- so you don't have to buy a lot of different kinds of cleaners. It works for mopping, kitchen counters, grease, and bathroom cleaning. With a little dish-soap, and maybe some window cleaner (haven't tried it for windows), you're pretty much covered.
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    You won't ever say that again if you hang around a boiling pot of vinegar! Can you imagine what your apartment will smell like after you wipe every surface whithin with this vile-smelling stuff?

    I've found that dishwasher detergent (solid or goopy gel) makes a good oven cleaner. Got any of that around?
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    It wasn't bad right out of the bottle -- just opened the windows, and it blew out. I've never tried to concentrate the stuff... which is why I thought I'd post here and see some kind of response first.

    I do my dishes by hand, so just have standard dish soap :-/. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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    Good lord, I hear that. My Staedtler highlighters smell like acetic acid. I'm about this close to throwing them out and getting new ones. Makes me lose motivation to study when I get a whiff of these.

    I wonder if throwing some baking soda on the vinegar would neutralize the smell. But I suppose that'd cause some bubbling on your countertops.
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