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Homework Help: PH: product of concentration of H+ and OH-

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    Why is the following true?:


    It seems like they would cancel out (equal 10-7 instead). Thanks for your help.
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    What substance are you talking about? pH depends on many factors and you give none. How ever if you are talking about water at standard conditions then it does indeed cancel out to 10^-7.
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    Tom Mattson

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    It does not equal [itex]10^{-7}[/itex].

    The [itex]pH[/itex] of water is 7, and so is the [itex]pOH[/itex].





    Exponentiating both sides in base 10 gives you the result in the opening post. That result holds true no matter how acidic or how basic your solution gets.
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    Ok thanks. I didn't realize it was for water when I looked at it.
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