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Phase angle questions.

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    Well this isnt a h/w problem, rather its one I have myself.

    I have two speakers, speaker one sits in its enclouser horizontal. Speaker 2 sits 58 Degrees out of phase with speaker one. ( See Drawing #1).

    If I could somehow change the phase angle, would that change the imaging of the speaker as to where it would sound as if they were set up in Drawing #2?
    Also is there a way to do this?
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    I'm not sure what is meant by phase angle - normally that would apply to timing between two sources/waves.

    But simply draw a straight line between the speakers in Drawing 1 and then determine the intensity at any point in the field. Then rotate the line between speakers in drawing 1 parallel with the line in drawing 2 and this represents the same geometry, with perhaps a different distance between speakers.

    The distance between the speakers, the wave length (or frequency) of the sound the distance to the location of reception determine the intensity.
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