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Phase Changing substance: please help me out

  1. Jul 10, 2006 #1
    I am a student trying to find a substance whose state I can control using either UV light or electicity. Preferrably, it would be solid at room temperature, but exposure to some sort of stimulus would cause it to change into a "semisolid" or liquid with high viscosity. As I am not knowledgeable in chemistry, there's no way I can find this on my own. If you know of such a substance (preferrably one that can be handled safely), please let me know.

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    I may be wrong but for pure substances temperature and pressure are the only variables that affect their state.

    The only somewhat related idea I can think of is to heat an ionic compound to its melting point and then use a strong electrical current to maintain its molten state.
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    The reverse effect (liquid to solid transformation) can typically be achieved in an ER (electro-rheological) Fluid. Google it and see if that will work for you.
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