Phase constant of SHM

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    The displacement of a mass oscillating on a spring is given by x(t) = xmcos(ωt + ). If the initial displacement is zero and the initial velocity is in the negative x direction, then the phase constant is:

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    How do I start? The book just tells me that the phase constant depends on displacement and velocity when t = 0, but doesn't say how.
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  3. gneill

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    Sketch a cosine curve. What's its initial value? Where on the curve would match the initial condition of the spring and mass? What's (angular) the offset from zero?
  4. OK


  5. gneill

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    Does the mass start at a maximum extension like the cosine function does?
  6. No, initial displacement is 0. So, I need to find where cosx equals 0?
  7. gneill

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    Not only that, but where it's going through zero and going negative, just like the mass' displacement.
  8. Still have no clue on this.
  9. gneill

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    Have a gander:


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