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Phase converter question

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    I am trying to get my head round a rotary phase converter. Obviously a third voltage is induced in L3 of the motor if L2 to and L1 are connected to the single phase. However, how are L1 and L2 placed out of phase from each other or don't they have to be?

    Hope that makes sense,
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    L1 and L2 are already out of phase with each other. They have to be otherwise there would not be a voltage between them. Phase is a relative thing. For instance, 230 volt delta systems that have a center tap on one tranformer will have leg A and B appear to be 180 degrees out of phase relative to the center tap, and that is actually the case. Keep in mind that a 'phase' is a pair of wires, and not a 'leg' which is just one wire. Big difference. Don't feel bad about it being hard to wrap your head around. PM me, I have a few other things but won't post them on the public forum.
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    Thanks Buddy, PM inbound :)

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